7 Apps to Find Halal Food Abroad

Finding halal food when traveling in non-muslim countries is a difficulty in itself. However, there are some facilities that can be utilized to help us find places where halal food is provided. Yes, there are several apps to find nearby kosher foods. What are those apps?

Here are some applications to find the nearest halal food when traveling abroad :

1. App to find halal food: Zabihah

This name is quite familiar to Muslim travelers. Zabihah itself is a website that claims to be “the biggest guide to halal markets and restaurants in the world”. This website continues to grow from the late 1990s to become one of the giant brands with loyal followers.

Zabihah features restaurants, markets and mosques in North American countries, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Africa. More than 20,000 places on their list have been reviewed. In addition, Zabihah application users can also check the restaurant in detail, starting from the authenticity of the halal certificate, address, opening hours, price to the rating.

The Zabihah app for IOS users has reached over 500,000 downloads since its launch. Its popularity cannot be separated from Zabihah’s efforts and their 2,500 more restaurant partners provide special offers for their users.

2. Halal Dining Club

Launched in 2016, Halal Dining Club now has more than 90,000 registered members. This application brings up information on thousands of restaurants around the world, although there are nine specific cities that have quite comprehensive information, namely Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong (Kowloon), London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Manchester and Birmingham.

In addition to making it easy to find halal-certified restaurants, the Halal Dining Club application allows its users to read reviews, restaurant menu books and earn loyalty points. This application is also an integrated application where the Muslim community can collaborate.

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3. Crave Halal

The Crave Halal app, which includes restaurants in South Korea, the United States and Canada, prides itself on offering a database that is constantly updated and accurate.

To ensure this, the team behind the Crave Halal app directly contacted each restaurant manually to verify their halal status. This is quite remarkable because their database has more than 13,000 halal restaurants, you know!

In the application, users can also see the most popular halal restaurants in a particular area, as well as open a map to check how many halal restaurant options they have near them.

4. Halal Navi

Launched in 2014 by Malaysian IT experts, who study and work in Tokyo, the Halal Navi app, which focuses on Japan, relies on the community to verify restaurants and their halal status, free from pork or vegetarian elements.

To be on the list, restaurants must at least serve a number of meat-free or seafood-free dishes without alcohol. More than 80,000 users who are already registered with religious standards can choose to eat at this restaurant at their own discretion.

In addition to providing an avenue for Muslims to find halal food, Halal Navi allows users to get in touch with the community by sharing tips and reviews. Users can also use the application to find halal groceries sellers, places of worship and mosques.

Although Navi’s Halal database focused on Japan, the application began to spread its wings to South Korea, Thailand and Germany.

5. Application to find halal food: Halal Advisor

Claiming to be the number one halal food app in Australia, Halal Advisor offers more than 2,000 restaurants and has been downloaded more than 15,000 times.

This application makes it easy for users in Australia to find halal restaurants, including for delivery services up to a distance of 50 kilometers. Other features included in it are reviews, photos, ratings and maps.

The Halal Advisor app was founded by Aladdin Moukhallalat after he found in the 2016 census data that about 2.6 per cent of Australians were Muslims, but at the time, Halal food options were still hard to find. Since then, the app has also become popular among travelers.

6. App to find halal food: Verify Halal

The Verify Halal application does what it stands for, ascertaining whether it is halal or not.

This application is an initiative of JAKIM Malaysia (Malaysian Islamic Development Council) to help Muslims find halal products and dispel doubts. The app connects with 6,000 local companies and 60 global certification bodies from Australia to Taiwan and South Africa. This number is constantly growing from hundreds to thousands from all over the world.

To use this application, users must perform a scan on the product or type a name in the search field. The app is also quite helpful when shopping at the supermarket for food products such as snacks and chocolates.

7. Application to find halal food: Halal Scan

Similar to Verify Halal, Scan Halal also helps users to check whether certain products have illicit content or not. With this application, users do not need to look at or read the content of the product to determine whether this product is Muslim-friendly or not.

The Halal Scan database currently includes more than 700,000 products in the United States and Canada. There are already many Muslims who use this application because of its convenience. In the near future, the Scan Halal application will spread its wings to the United States, France and Germany.

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