7 Common Islamic and Christian Views on Jesus

Although Islam and Christianity differ on the figure of Jesus, these two religions also share similar views about him. Even Islam may be the only religion outside of Christianity that positions Jesus very highly. Unfortunately, some people of both religions prefer to look for differences and cause a lot of friction and even bloodshed.

Boombastis editor gathered the equal opinions of the two religions, so that each can better respect each other. It is necessary to foster a more respectful relationship between the followers of this religion.

1. Jesus is God’s messenger

He came to correct the religious perversions committed by the Jews at that time. At that time the Jews positioned religion like a tool to impose the will.

They used the temple for trade. It is easy to punish and judge others. It’s almost like hard-line organizations in this era. (Surah 2:136 and John 8:42)

2. Jesus is the “Word of God”

Islam believes that Jesus is a “sentence.”” The word of God is good news, and the form of the messiah, Jesus son of Mary (Quran 3:45 and John 1).

3. Miracles of the Birth

Jesus was born of an honorable woman who was still holy, and had not been touched by any man. Islam and Christianity believe that an angel came and told Mary that she was going to give birth to a messenger of God. Maryam/Maria said that she was unmarried and that she was not an adulterer. The angel told me that it was easy for God. (Surah 19:20 and Matthew 1:18-23).

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In the Quran, after the holy son was born, many accused him of being an adulterer and wanted to stone him. But Mary/Mary only refers to the newborn. Then the baby, who was only a few years old, said, “I am a messenger of the Lord, and my mother is not a sinner.” Based on these miraculous words, the Jews believed in her, and Mary survived the stoning.

4. Jesus Teaches Love and Forgiveness

When Judaism was so bitter about practicing religion without the basis of compassion and understanding, Jesus came to teach that above the law, there is a thing called love and forgiveness.

Islam also teaches things like this, that above sharia (law) there is still morality and compassion. Everything has to go hand in hand. A law without compassion would be extremist. Love without the law would be an injustice. (Surah 57:27 and Matthew 9:36)

5. Performed Miracles

He is able to revive the dead, cure diseases, heal the blind, feed many people, etc. Jesus also said that all that power came from the father (John 5:30).

Islam also recognizes the miracles that Jesus did. It’s like making a bird out of clay and making it live and then flying. There are many verses about the miracles that Jesus made in the Quran.

6. Jesus Ascends to Heaven and Will Return

Muslims believe that Jesus is now living in heaven. God saved him from death.

Although this is slightly different from the Christian faith, these two religions teach that Jesus will come back down to earth, be a just judge of all affairs in the world, and lead the world to true prosperity (Quran surah 3:55).

7. His mother is not for worship

Islam and Christianity believe that only God has the right to worship. There can be no God but God Himself. So worshiping anything other than God is a great sin. (Quran 5:116 and Luke 4:8).

Even so, islam’s appreciation of Maryam, the mother of Jesus, is so high that there is a surah in the Qur’an specifically about him called Surah Maryam.

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