7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia

The Muslim population in Russia is reportedly quite high, even finishing second only to Orthodox Christians. Having a very large number of Muslims, finding halal food in Russia is not so difficult.

Generally Russian cuisine is also made from beef or lamb, so it is halal for Muslims. No need to linger anymore, here are seven halal and delicious Russian cuisines

1. Chebureki

7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia
7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia

Chebureki was once the ‘king of Russian fast food’, even beating foreign popular foods such as hamburgers and kebabs. This pastry is filled with softly chopped goat or calf meat and mixed with gravy, then fried with butter.

Usually chebureki is made with one piece of round dough folded over the filling in the form of a crescent moon.

2. Echpochmak is halal

Echpochmak is also called a ‘triangle’. This becomes one of the halal foods in Russia that must be muslim travelers try to get to know local dishes. This food looks very simple in the form of fermented dough, meat, onions, diced potatoes, pyramid shaped and baked in the oven.

Usually echpochmak is filled with different meats. The best combination is beef mixed with duck meat. While goat meat will be more delicious if mixed goose meat.

When the cake is almost cooked, put a drop of broth or a piece of butter into a special hole at the top of the pyramid. This will further strengthen the sense of echpochmak. This food is very suitable to be eaten with bouillon or tea.

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3. Steak tartarey

Steak Tartare is a raw minced beef dish mixed with egg yolks and a delicious marinade sauce. Steak tartare comes from steak a la tartare. This food is usually served with tartar sauce, which is mayo sauce and pickled cucumber that used to be saud when eating fish n chips.

In addition, steak tartare is also served with onions, capers, peppers, worcestershire sauce, and other spices. The meat will be sliced into small lengths, before mixing with other main ingredients.

So, Muslim Travelers can see the texture of the meat as well as the taste. Although sometimes called steak, this menu is an appetizer, not the main menu.

4. Beshbarmak

7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia
7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia

Beshbarmak is Kyrgyzstan’s national dish of boiled meat and is served with thin pasta sheets and sauces (chyk) made from meat broth, onions, pepper, and salt. This food is usually served in a large round bowl. Despite being kyrgyzstan’s national dish, it is very popular in Russia.

This dish is made from horse meat and sometimes lamb or beef. Beshbarmak boiled in broth for a few hours. Then it is served on noodles sprinkled with parsley and coriander leaves.

Beshbarmak itself means “Five Fingers” in Kyrgyz, as the dish is eaten by hand, without spoons and forks. Beshbarmak is most often made during birthday parties, new birthdays, birthdays, and the occurrence of deaths in the family, whether it is a funeral or an annual celebration.

5. Chak-chak

7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia
7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia

Chak-chak is made from a mixture of flour and unannited water. This dough is rolled into balls the size of hazelnuts fried with a lot of oil. Once browned, the chak-chak will be smeared with liquid honey until sticky. This food will be more delicious to eat in the cold.

6. Shashlik is halal

Shashlik is a cube meat dish that is pierced and grilled. Unlike satay in Indonesia, shashlik is usually made from spiced beef that is cut into small pieces and pierced on sharp iron blades by roasting. At first glance, this dish may be similar or identical to shish kebab.

Shashlik was originally made from lamb, but is now also made from pork, beef, or venison, depending on local preferences and religious observance.

Skewers can be skewered with meat alone, or with alternating cuts of meat, fat, and vegetables, such as peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. This food is very mandatory for you to taste while on vacation to Russia.

7. Borsch is halal

7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia
7 Halal and Delicious Culinary Typical of Russia

Borscht is a Russian soup dish made from beets. This red soup comes from fruits cooked with vegetables and meat. Vegetables used usually, cabbage, carrots, beets and other vegetables. In some other countries the red color can be from tomatoes.

This dish is usually eaten with bread and sour cream. When mixed with sour cream, the color turns pink. Borsch can be eaten hot and eaten in winter. It can also be refrigerated and eaten in the summer.

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