7 Misconceptions Non-Muslims About Islam

Islam is currently the second largest in the world with 1.7 billion people. This number spread to all corners of the world, especially the Middle East to Indonesia.

In western countries such as The United States and Europe, Muslims are a minority until sometimes they are often cornered. The problem of misconceptions about Islam makes many people in western countries consider Islam a bad religion.

Anyway, here are 7 misconceptions about Islam that must be straightened out immediately. By correcting this misconception, Muslims in the world will be able to live well. They will not be afraid of being accused of being a no-no by an Islamophobic person.

1) Islam = Arabic

Many people in western countries have always linked that Islam is Arabic. The Muslim population in Arabia is only 25 million people or 1.6% of the total number of Muslims in the world. Indonesia alone has at least 204 million Muslims or 12.6% of the total number of Muslims in the world.

The presumption of Islam is Arabic because they all do not know if there are many countries in the world that have a large Muslim population. However, his country does not always use Islam as the basis of its government.

2) Islam is a terrorist, Misconceptions  of Non-Muslims

This is the next misconception about Islam. The religion that recognizes Muhammad as the last prophet is not a terrorist. In Islam, violence is forbidden. Even from a long time ago, the Prophet Muhammad always taught what is called peace.

Unfortunately, since there is a terrorist who declares himself to be Islam. The world’s public views Islam as a terrorist religion. A religion that teaches to commit evil.

Terrorists are still terrorists. It has nothing to do with Islam. This religion is a religion of peace that cannot be equated with a handful of terrorists. Moreover, the number of terrorists does not make up 1% of the total number of Muslims in the world.

3) Islam is a religion that has zero tolerance

Many Westerners think that Islam is a religion that has zero tolerance. Anything outside Islam is considered infidel and must be destroyed.

Islam has never taught to be unkind to other religions, including Jews who are currently widely hated by Muslims in the world.

Islam loves tolerance and never imposes religion on others. The same thing happened when Caliph Umar allowed the Jews to continue to practice their religion in the past.

Umar did not attack or even kill them. Because basically your religion is your religion and my religion is my religion.

4) Jihad Means Fighting With Weapons

Most terrorists always use the word jihad for the basis of their actions. They say that jihad is carried out against infidels or anyone who opposes the rules of Islam.

Finally, many people around the world, especially those who do not understand Islam immediately think that jihad means fighting, using weapons, sacrificing lives to the right to do anything such as acts of terrorism.

Jihad has four different levels. The first level is jihad in self-repair. Jihad is the most important thing because of yourself good or bad things can happen. The next jihad is jihad against satan, jihad against the infidels and jihad against the zolim, heretics and perpetrators of impemissibility.

To mean jihad is a war with weapons and to have to injure other innocent people is a mistake.

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5) Muslims Are Very Cruel During War

Terrorists who carry out attacks always commit acts of anarchy by bombing or shooting indiscriminately. This makes many people in the west constructed if Muslims during the war is very cruel and terrible. They can be very barbaric and ignore nothing including the human right to live.

That assumption is very wrong. It is not even in accordance with the teachings of Islam in fighting. Islam teaches: do not kill children, do not kill women, do not kill old men, do not damage and burn trees, do not damage buildings, and do not commit violence to those who are not enemy forces.

6) Muslims Women Should Wear Veils

Many countries in Europe prohibit women from wearing veils or other Islamic attributes because they are considered capable of causing unrest. But the veil is not an attribute that must be worn by Muslim women. In Islam, all a woman’s body is indeed an awrah except the palm of the hand and also the face.

However, many madhhabs say that using levels is much better. But they don’t forbid women who keep their palms and faces open. Face closure is one way that can be done to avoid bad things such as adultery or slander.

7) Islam Spread By Violence

Some say if the teachings of Islam are spread using the sword or simply using war. It was through this war that the higher-ups of Islam spread the religion to the inhabitants. Misconceptions about this spread are very misguided. Islam does not spread by using violence, even subtly forced it does not.

Just like what happened in Indonesia. Islam is spread by Wali Songo precisely by mingling with the local population. Integrate Islam with the habits of the population to include it in art and culture. This is proof that Islam spread throughout the world precisely through good things such as art to trade.

Thus are the seven misconceptions about Islam that should be straightened out immediately. Islam is not a religion that contains violence until it contains terrorist groups. Islam is a religion that always teaches compassion to all its people in the world.

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