7 Signs That You Really Love The Prophet Muhammad

Muslimdaily.com – As Muslims, we should love the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam wholeheartedly. For he is the bearer of a divine treatise that teaches tawhid to bring man to the salvation of the world and the hereafter.

However, many of us are still confused how to implement our love for the perfect human being.

If you claim to love the Prophet, there are some key indicators that can help identify if we really love him.

Here are 7 signs of our proof that muslims love the Prophet Muhammad

1. Follow prophet muhammad teachings

The greatest sign among others showing our affection for the Prophet is to earnestly follow the teachings of the Prophet, who is guided by the Qur’an and Hadith. Because the morals of the Prophet are a reflection of the contents of the Holy and Glorious Qur’an.

2. Learn his life

Every Muslim is obliged to study the life of the Prophet Muhammad including his compassion, love, mercy, speech, devotion, courtesy, including his concerns with his people and the sacrifices he went through throughout his life as a messenger of Allah.

3. Learn to understand hadith and follow its sunna

As early as possible we should learn, read, understand, follow, and teach what the Prophet has conveyed to us through the hadiths and sunna that he taught.

4. Read The Shalawat

Reading shalawat to him is one of the proofs of our love for the Prophet. Allah and his angels are always in the company of The Prophet Muhammad. Sholawat will also bring good to the reader, for Allah will reward shalawat 10 times every time we read shalawat once to the Prophet.

5. Love what the prophet muhammad loves

Loving what is the prophet’s favorite is proof that we love him. Keeping the sunna, praying tahajud at night, fasting Sunna Monday and Thursday to other sunahs such as wearing white clothes, shivak to wear fragrances are also proof that we love the Prophet.

6. Remember it often

We often think of the people we love. Therefore, the more you have affection for the Prophet Muhammad, then we will always remember him. The Prophet said that a person in paradise will sit with those he loves. How can we love the Prophet if we are far from his sunna?

7. Motivating others to imitate the Prophet muhammad

The thing that is often forgotten by us is to invite others to always know and imitate the Prophet. A lover of the Prophet will certainly be eager to motivate others to focus on learning the teachings, sunna and practicing them in everyday life.

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