7 Stories of the Prophet’s Traitors in Islamic History

The struggle of the prophets to spread the religion of Allah SWT has never been easier. Prophets had to face trials. From relatives who oppose, those who claim to be God, enemies who are difficult to conquer, and who are no less bad are traitors.

There are a series of names that have been named as the worst traitors in Islamic history. They approached the prophets to destroy the spread of religion from within. Some of them even caused a great war.

Want to know how traitors do and what their end-of-life looks like? Check out the story reported from the following sources!

1) Judas Iscariot, the Prophet’s Traitors

Speaking of traitors in Islamic history, the majority of people must remember the story of Judas Iscariot who betrayed the Prophet Jesus. Then who exactly is he? The name Judas Iscariot is not actually written in the Qur’an and any credible source in Islam. That’s why there are so many versions of his betrayal.

A 2015 study from the Online Journal Research in Islamic Studies compiled all these versions and presented the following conclusions.

As we know, the Prophet Jesus had so many miracles. It can cure various diseases, revive birds from clay, and others. At the same time, he invited the Children of Israel who are Jewish to believe in the religion of Allah SWT. They didn’t accept it and were angry with him.

And Jesus and his young men were pursued by the Children of Israel and the king’s army. They’re hiding in a house. At the same time, one of the young men betrayed and leaked the hiding place of The Prophet Jesus. He exchanged the information for 30 dirhams. As you might expect, he is Judas.

Once the troops there, Allah SWT turned out to have lifted the Prophet Jesus into the sky to protect him. Judas who betrayed changed his face, appearance, to his voice to be similar to the prophet. The army thought that he was the Prophet Jesus. Judas succeeded him to be killed and crucified.

Muslims believe the Prophet Jesus did not die and was not crucified. One of his followers who betrayed him served the sentence. It is not said in detail whether it was Judas or not. However various interpretations suggest that it is really Judas.

2) Thamud

The second traitor was not one man, but a group of people named Thamud. They are people who live on the Syrian and Yemeni trade routes and work as mountain carver. They are also in fertile areas so there is no need to worry about hunger.

Unfortunately, the Thamud were filled with arrogant people who disbelieved in Allah SWT. That is why he was sent to take them back to the right path. As expected, the presence of the prophet was not welcomed. He was reviled and blasphemed. Some of them call him stupid.

The Thamud then made a request to The Prophet Saleh. If he succeeds in granting it, they promise to embrace the religion of Allah SWT. The request is that The Prophet Saleh should remove or create a camel from a piece of rock.

By the power of Allah SWT, Prophet Saleh managed to fulfill the request. Some of them do become followers. But some increasingly hate the Prophet Saleh secretly. They then killed the pregnant she-camel with a sword. The prophet warned that it would be rewarded by the Creator.

As if that were not enough, these traitors even planned to kill The Prophet Saleh. But Allah SWT saved him and his followers. Three days after Saleh left Thamud, the mountains they lived in were shaken by earthquakes and storms. All the houses and bodies of the traitors are buried unhinged.

3) Abdullah ibn Ubay, the Prophet’s Traitors

Prophet Muhammad SAW faced so many enemies who hated him. Among them, there was Abdullah ibn Ubay. He was known as theĀ  traitor in the time of the Prophet. And he is a hypocrite.

Abdullah ibn Ubay was originally to be appointed ruler of Medina. As soon as The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) emigrated to the city, Abdullah bin Ubay’s prestige faded instantly. Even the local community appointed Prophet Muhammad SAW as its leader. Seeing this, he was furious. His hatred of the Apostle was heightened.

Unlike Abu Lahab who showed his hatred, Abdullah ibn Ubay professed faith in the presence of the Messenger of Allah. But behind that, he vilified the prophet and muslims. He also often complained that people attacked Muslims.

The peak of Abdullah bin Ubay’s betrayal occurred when the Prophet Muhammad SAW and troops were on their way to Uhud to fight (Uhud War). He defected and took 300 men with him to join the enemy. So, the original team of 1,000 people was reduced to 700 people.

This does not shake the Muslim army. The Messenger of Allah and his followers remained at war with the Quraysh for about 7 days. Many of the victims fell, including the prophet’s friends and family. As a result, the Muslim army retreated and announced the victory of the Quraysh.

4) Brother of Joseph

Joseph was the son of Jacob. He was awarded a charming intelligence and paras. Not only that, Joseph also became the father’s favorite. This makes his brothers envious and spiteful.

One day, the brothers invited Joseph to shepherd. But in the middle of the road, they threw the youngest brother into the well so that he would disappear forever. When they arrived home, they cried and said that Joseph was eaten by wolves. The prophet Jacob was greatly lost, he wept for days because of it.

But it turned out, Joseph did not die. He was later found by a group of explorers who wanted to fetch water at the well. From there, he was taken to Egypt. Joseph had to become a slave, was imprisoned for slander, until finally appointed as the right hand of the king.

A few years later, Joseph’s brother came to Egypt to ask for food because of the long drought. But they did not recognize his sister. He said, “O my people, indeed I have been commanded to be of those who do good.” He invited them and Jacob to live together in Egypt.

5) Hatib ibn Abi Balta’ah, the Prophet’s Traitors

The story of Hatib ibn Abi Balta’ah is slightly different from the others. He was one of the close friends of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who believed and even participated in defending religion in the Badr War, one of the largest wars in Islamic history. That’s why Hatib is so special.

Not only that, Hatib also joined the emigration with the Prophet Muhammad SAW from Mecca to Medina. At that time, he left behind his property and family. One day, when Mecca was ruled by the Quraysh, the Prophet and his companions planned to take over the holy city.

Hatib who knew this intended to send a letter to the people in Mecca about the war strategy of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The Prophet then tried Hatib and asked why he did this. Hatib later said that another friend had people in Mecca to secure his family, while he did not. So he intended to exchange the war strategy of the Prophet Muhammad SAW with the protection of his family.

He said, “O my people, forgive me, and ask him to continue his intentions to help his family. This is because Hatib is a special figure who has no bad intentions.

6) Wife and children of Noah

There are two wives of the prophet recorded in a verse in the Qur’an. Not for his kindness, but for his unforgiving betrayal. One of these figures is the wife of Noah. So are his children.

Noah was sent to a people who were truthful. They do not worship idols and insult the prophet who is considered to have interfered with his life. Noah was also tried by his wife and children.

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Patiently, he continued to guide them back to the path of Allah SWT. Unfortunately, these efforts were ignored by his wife and children. And they will be gathered together in worship.

And when Noah and his followers had finished building the ship, a great flood came. The prophet tried to save his family, but to no avail because they are not people who believe in Allah SWT. Noah’s wife and children drowned with their idols.

7) Wife of The Prophet Lot

The next wife who was considered treasonous was the wife of The Prophet Lot. According to the Qur’an, she was unable to keep secrets and dissoes against her husband. What’s he doing?

He said, “O my people, indeed I have been commanded to be of those who do not know. His da’wah efforts were not accepted there, he was even considered a saintly and patronizing.

Prophet Lot then asked Allah swt for help. He sent two angels to go with him. They disguised themselves as beautiful men and came to the house of Lot. This was done secretly so that the people of Sodom did not know it.

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