7 tips for wives so that husband get sustenance

Husband and wife’s life must complement each other. If the husband has to make a living, then the wife acts as a teacher for her children like a madrasa. In addition, the wife also plays a role in taking care of the needs of her husband and children.

Although rarely involved in money-making activities, but the wife is very instrumental in increasing income. The happiness of women when becoming wives and mothers is like a magnet that can attract the sustenance of her husband.

The following qualities can be applied by wives so that the husband’s sustenance flows rapidly. Of course with increased sustenance, not only happy husbands, but wives will also definitely feel it. What are its properties? Here’s the review.

FIRST – husbands sustenance

The feeling of gratitude will be able to add more. When the husband gives a living and spends money, then the wife’s job is to be grateful. First Allah SWT has promised in the Qur’an that the blessings that are grateful will be added again. Allah swt said:

“If you give thanks, We will increase you in gratitude, and if you are ungrateful, My punishment will surely be grievous.” Qs. Ibrahim [14]: 7)

Secondly, a wife who is grateful for the sustenance provided by her husband will make her encouraged to give more. When the two are grateful to each other and feel happy, then just look at Allah SWT will bring unexpected and unexpected sustenance.

SECOND – husband sustenance

Tawakal is to submit fully to God in the face of or waiting for the results of a work, or waiting for the consequences of a situation.

The wife who puts her trust, will get blessings from Allah SWT. They surrendered to what Allah had commanded him. In the end, God will fulfill his needs.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If you put your trust in Allah, you would be provided with sustenance like a bird, and it is hungry in the morning and the evening is full.” Hr. Ahmad, at-Tirmizi, Ibn Maajah, Ibn Hibban, al-Hakim.

THIRD – husband sustenance

Giving alms is one way to attract more sustenance. No one who give charity is poor in his life. In fact, Allah SWT will multiply what he has given.

This would be very good if done by the wives. And when he giveth alms, he will have more and more sustenance. Of course one of them comes through a husband who makes a living.

FOURTH – husband sustenance

Silaturrahmi (Relationship) can prolong life and provide sustenance. Life is not only husband and wife and children, but there are also families that must still be visited even though there is no particular reason, just because Allah SWT.

Husbands will be happy if the wife wants to invite him to have an affair with his relatives. This will add harmony in the family and attract blessings.

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Taqwa is the belief in God, justifies it, and fears God. Allah SWT has also said, who is pious to Him, then Allah SWT will meet his needs.

It is proper for a wife to have this attribute to bring blessings and make her sustenance wider.

“And whoever puts his trust in Allah, He will give him full respense. God does what He wills.” Surah At Thalaq verse 3


Which wife wants her husband’s ugliness? Make no mistake, not a few wives pray bad things happen to husbands.

It’s certainly a bad trait. It is proper for the wife to pray for good things to her husband. Because the better the life level of the husband, it will affect the wife.


Dhuha prayer one of the purposes is towing sustenance. So if the wife is diligent in doing this prayer, then the husband will also benefit. Because, the wife’s sustenance one of them comes from the hands of the husband.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once said that if there is anything to be worshipped other than Allah SWT, then the Prophet will order that the wife worship to her husband. The wife’s obedience to the husband is one of the magnets to attract sustenance.

Can you imagine if in a neighboring house the wife likes to rebel what the husband commands? There will surely be disputes that will keep the family away from blessings.

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