7 Ways to Control Sin For Muslim

Although it is god’s most perfect creature, but man never escapes from mistakes and sins. Whether done intentionally or unintentionally.

But as Muslims, it is better if we try to keep away from everything that can lead to sin. Because if not careful, then it can cause wrath of Allah SWT.

Therefore, self-control is required in order to avoid sin. Some sources even mention that there are 7 ways to control yourself in order to avoid sin.

Where these seven ways are very easy to do. Wondering what the seven ways are? Let’s see the explanation below.

Know your enemies, The Ways to Control Sin

One of the important strategies in combat is to recognize the enemy. So the more you know about the enemy, the easier it will be to deal with it.

So is life in this world. For life in this world is actually a battle against the temptations of satan who always mislead people.

Thus we need to learn about satan’s various ways and tactics in misleading people.

Always ask Allah SWT for help, The Ways to Control Sin

As a servant we have direct access with Allah SWT without any intermediaries. Therefore ask for help and protection to Allah SWT. For Allah is all-rounder.

Take the time to get closer to Allah SWT

7 Ways to Control Sin For Muslim
7 Ways to Control Sin For Muslim

One way to get closer to Allah SWT is to pray, read the Qur’an and remember.

By doing this, we will be very helped to stay focused on Allah SWT in our daily activities.

Avoid sinful situations, The Ways to Control Sin

Then the next way is to avoid sinful situations. A Muslim should always be careful in doing to avoid situations that can cause sin.

Because sin can come under any circumstances and anywhere. So if you are in a sinful condition, then you should leave the place immediately.

Know the consequences, The Ways to Control Sin

Sin is the wall that separates us from Allah SWT. For sin can enslave and destroy our lives. There have been many people who have suffered destruction for pursuing things that are forbidden by Allah SWT.

Thus, when going to do something try to think about the consequences that will be received. Are we not given reason and mind by Allah SWT?

13 Consequences of Sin in Muslim Life

Fill the mind with the remembrance of Allah SWT

The next step is to fill the mind by always remembering Allah SWT. Because if the heart and mind always remember Allah Ta’ala, then in acting we can be careful because it feels always supervised by Allah SWT.

Repent immediately when doing wrong

Surely every human being must have done wrong that falls in sin. So repent immediately when we realize that we have made a mistake.

Because Allah SWT is the Most Forgiving God, so if we regret the act and promise not to repeat it again, then He will accept the repentance.

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