8 Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad

Allah hath bestowed the mighty signs on Moses, Solomon, and Jesus. Muhammad also has a miracle.

Miracles are an extraordinary ability from Allah SWT for His prophets and messengers. A miracle can be used to support the prophethood of a prophet and or apostle’s apostle.

1. Quran, Miracles of the Prophet

8 Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad
8 Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad

miracles given by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the form of the Quran. The Qur’an is the greatest miracle given by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

In the Qur’an it is written that a sign is given to four prophets and an apostle. Among them are Moses AS, Prophet Daud AS, Prophet Jesus AS and Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

This is a sign that has been given to the prophets and messengers throughout the ages, the Qur’an. Whereas the prophets and messengers before the Prophet Muhammad PBUH were given miracles only in their time and all did not happen in the next time.

The Other Names of the Quran

2. Splitting the Moon

8 Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad
8 Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad

The story of the Prophet Muhammad’s miracle occurred when the unbelievers challenged Muhammad to prove his prophethood by splitting the moon. Then Muhammad pointed to the moon. Then by Allah’s will, the moon is divided into two.

“That the people of Makkah asked the messenger of God to show them miracles, and he showed them the separation of the moon.” (Sahih al-Bukhari).

3. Water Flowing From His Fingers

8 Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad
8 Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad

Another miracle of the Prophet Muhammad is that water flows from his fingers. On the Day of Al-Hudaibiya (covenant), people will be thirsty. After completing wudoo’, the people rushed towards Muhammad.

People say that there is no water for wudoo’ or drinking except a small pot of water that is not enough for everything. Then Muhammad put his hand into the pot and the water began to flow from his fingers like a spring. Finally everyone can drink and ablution.

4. A Little Food Enough For Many People

Abu Tholhah and his wife snorted the Prophet Muhammad limply. The two then invited the Prophet Muhammad to eat.

Prophet Muhammad came to invite many friends, namely about 70-80 people. But Abu Tholhah and his wife had little food.

Before the meal began, The Prophet Muhammad prayed for the food served. After that guests are asked to eat alternately. The first to eat were 10 best friends.

Then, the next 10 friends, then the next 10 companions, and so on. Finally all the friends who come to eat until full. After that, the Prophet Muhammad and the family of Tholhah ate to full (Source: H.R. Al-Bukhari, no. 3385; Muslim, no. 2040).

5. A Glass of Milk Fills Many People

Another miracle of the Prophet Muhammad is to make a glass of milk can be imagined by many people. Abu Hurayrah was a friend of the Prophet who was very poor and often starved. But he has a lot of knowledge and is strong in memorization.

One day while Abu Hurayrah was sitting in the street, the Prophet passed by and smiled at him. He was well aware of Abu Hurayrah’s suffering.

Then the Prophet asked Abu Hurayrah to follow him. Hurairah followed the Prophet’s request to his home.

Then the Prophet found a glass of milk and asked his wife where it came from. His wife replied from Fulan. The Prophet then called Abu Hurayrah and asked him to call ahlush shuffah or a group of friends who live in the Mosque of the Prophet.

6. Pray for Rain, Miracles of the Prophet

When the Prophet was praying Friday, someone asked for prayers to rain. This is because of the drought. So the Messenger of Allah prayed and immediately rained heavily constantly. until the following Friday.

However, someone told the Prophet that the houses had been damaged by constant heavy rains. So the Prophet prayed that the rain would be diverted around the city of Medina. The clouds moving over the city of Medina soon moved on the edge of Medina. (Source: HR. Al-Bukahari, no. 3582)

7. Treating Eye Diseases, Miracles of the Prophet

Ali ibn Abi Talib was the flag bearer of the army of sore eyes before the conquest of Khaibar Fort. The Prophet then called Ali and spat in ali’s eyes. Ali’s eyes healed and he never seemed to hurt his eyes.

8. Isra and Mi’raj,¬†Miracles of the Prophet

Isra and Mi'raj
Isra and Mi’raj

The next miracles of The Prophet Muhammad are Isra and Mi’raj. Isra from the Grand Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque. Then Mi’raj from Baitul Maqdis to Sidratul Muntaha, to receive the prayer order in less than one night.


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