8 Prohibited Places for Prayer

1. Trash Can

trash cans or landfills that have the potential to be unclean. So it is forbidden to pray in that place because (there is) uncleanness. in addition to potentially containing uncleanness, the trash can is also disgusting so that it is not worthy of a Muslim to worship in that place.

2. Animal Slaughter Site

Because the place was littered with uncleanness, like blood and dirt.

3. Graveyard is Prohibited Places for Prayer

a Muslim is prohibited from performing prayers in the grave area in order to avoid worshipping the grave or resembling a person who worships the grave.

4. Middle of the Highway

That is the road traveled by people. While the road is not used or on the side of the road that is not passed by people, it is not prohibited to perform prayers

Because it is forbidden to pray in the middle of the road because it narrows the road of people and obstructs traffic

5. Bathroom is Prohibited Places for Prayer

as is the decree of the Prophet sallallahu’alaihi wa sallam on the prohibition of prayer in the bathroom in the hadith of Abi Said past. It shows the cancellation of prayers in it.

Illat (cause) the prohibition of prayer in it because the bathroom is the abode of the devil and the place where the aurat is opened.

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as mentioned in the hadith, that the prohibition covers all the terms hammam (bathroom), it makes no difference, whether the place is used for bathing only or also for storing clothes.

6. Animal cages is Prohibited Places for Prayer

That is the place where animals are collected. The illat (cause) of the ban is that the animal pen is such a dirty and unclean place that it is not sacred.

7. Above the Kaaba

The scholars forbade this because they could not face the Qibla. But it only partially faces it because part of the Kaaba is behind its back.

Some other scholars argue that it is valid to pray on the Kaaba. For there has been a decree that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam prayed in the Kaaba during the conquest of Mecca. So pray on it the law is like that too. The reality is now, praying on the Kaaba now is not easy.

8. Land seized from the owner.

Whoever takes the land from the owner, it is forbidden to pray in it, heds the agreement (ijma) of the scholars. Imam Nawawi rahimahullah said in the book of Al-Majmu, 3/169, ‘Prayer on land used without the permission of the owner is haram according to ijma’ (consensus of the scholars).’

Source : Asy-Syarhu Al-Mumti, 2/237-260, Sharah Bulughul Maram by Ibn Utsaimin, 1/518-522, Hasyiyah Ibn Qasim, 1/537-547.

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