8 Things to do when you are sick by Imam Ghazali

8 Things Imam Ghazali Recommended to do when you are Sick

Pain may be God SWT’s way of removing our many sins. Pain is also a sign that our body can rest completely.

When sick, healthy favors feel very expensive. Whereas when the body is healthy, we rarely give thanks. If you have been sick, there is no point in complaining or regretting the situation.

The most sensible option is to make the situation a precious moment for self-improvement.

In al-Adab fid Dîn, Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad bn Muhammad al-Ghazali notes some things that a person should do when he is sick.

1) Multiply the memory of death (al-iktsâr min dzikril death)

Although not always, pain is often a sign that someone will meet death. This is the exact moment the sick man raised awareness that he would one day return to His presence.

Although remembering death should indeed be done at all times.

2) Repent to God – Recommended when you are Sick

Pain is a moment of introspection and fixing the shortcomings that many do in good health.

3) Always Praise God – Recommended when you are Sick

mujahadah accompanied by tawadu attitude will make pain not only suffering but a bridge that is very valuable for the improvement of the quality of piety.

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4) Tawadhu

Pain is among the many symptoms that humans have. Therefore, in times of illness it is fitting that he makes this moment for the affirmation of weakness.

5) Take medicine and ask god for help

take medicine when you sick
take medicine when you sick

Man is still required to endeavor to achieve his recovery, at the same time must also be accompanied by a request for help to God because in fact healing is the creator.

6) Show gratitude when healthy

That is, the remaining energy must be grateful because it means there is still a gift of health in the midst of illness. Compare when he was afflicted with pain that caused him to be in a coma aka unconscious.

7) Don’t complain to god

Complaining is humane when a person is sick. But it became unnatural when the complaint was announced constantly.

In addition to not having significant benefits, complaints will only complicate the mental atmosphere both in the sick and the people who help him.

8) Avoid handshakes – Recommended when you are Sick

Avoid handshakes
Avoid handshakes

This sentence can be widely interpreted that sick people, especially those with infectious diseases, should be aware of their potential to infect others.

In other words, he should not behave or perform activities that could cause others to contract it, one of which is direct physical contact. Unless physical contact is believed to cause no transmission of the disease

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