9 Noble Nature of the Prophet

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the chosen one who became the messenger of Allah in the last days. Of course, his figure has advantages over others in general.

Among them he has noble qualities that are role models. Nine of them are:

1. Philanthropy – Noble Nature of the Prophet


The Apostle was the most generous of others. Even in one hadith it is mentioned:

وكان أجود من الريح المرسلة

“His generosity exceeds the wind that blows.” It means that when giving alms, the Prophet was very light, fast, and without much thought.

2. Courage

The Apostle had a strong courage because Allah bestowed it. Even the apostle was able to step on a very hot stone, when others were unable to step on it. His courage was felt every time a war took place. The Prophet was fearless in defending the religion of God.

3. Honesty – Noble Nature of the Prophet


Muhammad PBUH is known for his honest nature.

4. Intelligence

Prophet Muhammad had a high intelligence, as evidenced by the words he always uttered wisely. His mind and intuition were sharp even though the apostle was illiterate.

5. Humility

The apostle met the general public, greeting their hands. He did not let go until the people had their hands broken. He did this even with a village Arab (Bedouin Arab).

6. Zuhud – Noble Nature of the Prophet

The apostle had an extraordinary zuhud nature. One proof is that since coming to Medina, once for three consecutive days the prophet’s family did not eat dates until they wanted them so much.

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7. Love for Allah SWT

Love for Allah SWT
Love for Allah SWT

The love of Muhammad PBUH for Allah is infinite.  Muhammad PBUH even gave his whole life to Allah, the heart was filled with fear, and after revelation was revealed to him.

He is attached to the desire to worship Allah, fulfill the call, and draw near to Allah with remembrance, prayer, fasting and reciting the Qur’an.

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8. Active in the community

The Apostle always participated in the affairs of the society in which he lived, and in every participation he always needed him. The Prophet was also always present in the war against the jahiliyah.

9. Fun

The apostle is also known for his carefree figure. Once during the War Khandaq Zaid bin Thabit helped build a trench and tetiba lost weapons.

He frantically searched for his weapon. And it turned out that the weapon was just tucked away. The Prophet laughed in response to his friend’s behavior.



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