A special thing from wednesday in islam

Wednesday turned out to be very special. Wednesday is the time chosen by scholars to start something, including studying or studying.

Imam Az-Zarnuzi in his book Ta’Limul Mutallim recounted, that his teacher Sheikh Al-Imam Burhanudin Rahimahullah set Wednesday to start learning. In this case he has narrated a hadith, and made it a basis.

He said that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Nothing starts on Wednesday, but it’s going to be perfect.”

And this is also what Abu Hanifah used to do. He also narrated the above hadith with his sanad from his teacher Sheikh Al-Imam Qiwamuddin Ahmad bin Abdur Rasyid.

According to him, Sheikh Al-Imam Yusuf Al Hamdani also got All the good practices on Wednesday. And this has a history. For on that Wednesday God created light, and that day was the day of Content for the heathen. So that day became endowed for the believer.

Abu Hanifah narrated from Sheikh Al-Qadi Al-Imam Umar bin Abu Bakr Az-Zaranjariyah that he said, “Our teachers said. The standard for a person who is just starting to learn is if he is able to understand the lesson by repeating twice.”

Then adding one word little by little every day, even if the lessons are long and many times, he is still able to understand by repeating twice. In addition, he must be wise and gradual in learning.

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However, if the first lesson studied is too long so that a learner requires repeating the material up to 10 times, then for the next until the last one must be like that. Because, it will become his habit, and he can’t abandon the habit just now, except with difficulty.

Imam Az-Zarnuzi suggested that, preferably, a claimant of knowledge begins to learn from the most understandable sciences. This is as Sheikh Al-Islam Al-Ustadz Syarafudin Al Uqaili said, “In my opinion, the truth in this matter is that as our teachers have practiced for new students, they choose and the books are small and concise because they will be easier to understand and memorize. is not boring, and it is widely noticed in society.

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