About Hurting Animals, How Does Islam Look?

How does islam look at the animals? – The Prophet reported in Sahih Bukhari a woman who went to hell because of the cat she locked up.

دخلت امرأة النارفي هرة ربطتها فلا هي أطعمتها ولا هي أرسلتها تأكل من خشاش

There was a woman going to hell because of the cat she tied up, she didn’t feed her, nor let go so that the cat could eat small animals. In other histories rabatatha, binding, replaced with habasatha, confinement.

If we reflect on this hadith, we will find four elements: women, cats, confinement, and hell.

Was it when the Prophet told me about this news that he was just telling the woman’ s condition? That the woman who locked the cat into hell? Of course not. The scholars understand this hadith more generally, the Prophet only mentioned the symbols.

When reading a woman’s word, the scholars pondered the word, then came to the conclusion: a woman is only the desired symbol of all human beings. It means that whoever locks a cat is hell.

When reading cats, the scholars pondered, is it true that tying up dogs is innocent? If you don’t feed the fish in an innocent aquarium? Is it just locking up a sinful cat?

Then the scholars concluded: cats are only symbols, desirable are animals, living things. Anyone who hurts a living creature will go to hell.

“Locking up.”. Do humans only sin when they lock up animals? How about hurting? Hit? Injure? It turns out that ‘locking up’ is also just a symbol, what is desired is all bad deeds.

Hell is a symbol of vengeance. It means that anyone who harms animals, living things, will get revenge.

There is another hadith, the Prophet reported a blind man who entered paradise because he gave a dog drink.

أن امرأة باغيا رأت كلبا في يوم حار يطيف ببئر قد أدلع لسانه من العطش فنزعت له بموقعها فغفر له

An adulterer saw a dog on a very hot day circling the well by sticking out his tongue out of thirst. He took the water to the dog, and he was forgiven.

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From this hadith the scholars concluded: Compassion is a must for every Muslim. Those who are loving are loved by God. Lovingly interacting with nature is a must.

ارحموا من في الأرض يرحمكم من في السماء

Be merciful to all who are on earth, and god will be loved.

About interacting with Nature and the environment Sheikh Ali Jum’ah in his book al-Bi’ah mentions: Most people understand the environment is what is around it, improving the environment is improving the surroundings.

No, they forget the most important part of that environment: themselves. Yes, because the good self will affect the good of the environment.

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