Allah Hates This 5 Things, Muslim Must Know!

1. Worship experts who hope to be praised

Allah Hates This 5 Things
Allah Hates This 5 Things

one of the behaviors that will get the wrath of God is those who declare themselves as worship experts but riya envelop all rituals of worship.

Praise is always expected from the mouth of men, they always crave praise from their mouths.

Woe to them because it is a little shirk that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) warned us to leave.

2. The pride of the poor

As for the pride of the poor people are diseases that are difficult to understand. What drives him to become takabbur (arrogant) ?

Then what makes them arrogant? But the rich should not be proud of anyone.

God is so disliked of that arrogant behavior because he is one of the attributes attached to Satan.

And he will be cursed, and will be expelled from the Garden, and will be left in the Fire.

Listen to the following word of God:

“Worship Allah and do not associate anything with Him. And be kind to your parents, your near relatives, your orphans, your near neighbours, and your distant neighbors, your associates, your sabil and your slaves. Surely Allah does not love the arrogant.” Qs. An-Nisaa’: 36)

“And do not turn your face away from people, and do not walk proudly on the earth. God does not love the arrogant and the boastful.” Qs. Lukman: 18)

3. loss of shame for women

Allah Hates This 5 Things
Allah Hates This 5 Things

God created women with great shame. From the way they talk, the way they look, the way they walk there are incredible touches of tenderness that describe that they are a woman.

Women are created to give birth to tenderness reflected in their ever-shameful behavior. So if a woman is a little embarrassed, the world will become unbalanced

Because the positive side of women has lost their bond. Today’s women no longer feel ashamed to show off their aurat in front of foreign men

Shame is a woman’s crown, and losing shame is the same as losing her crown. And it automatically loses its self-esteem.

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4. The Lazy young man

Youth is the most productive time in human life.┬áSo the laziness of youth is the starting point of the gloom and opaqueness of their future. It’s dark and pitched in their days ahead.

Humans who don’t have a brilliant start are usually hard to reap the light at the end of life. Youth pole a nation.

Progress and not a nation is on their productivity, while the bankrupt and the destruction of a country is on their laziness.

Islam in the early days rose because of the support of energetic youth who were anti-laziness. Their day is hard work and their night is night worship.

5. Vile leaders

Allah Hates This 5 Things
Allah Hates This 5 Things

Leaders as hinted by the hadeeth above should also do justice not be cruel so that they get the shade of God on the Day of Resurrection.

Their justice is eagerly awaited and longed for by the people. Because the hope of justice is based on those rulers.

Justice is in everyone’s desire, everyone’s mind. And when a ruler who is to be just turns to abomination, the wrath of Allah awaits them. God does not like abominations.

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