Alms of The Companions of the Prophet Muhammad

Although his da’wah journey is full of obstacles, but the Prophet (pbuh) is always surrounded by people who love him. Among them are the companions of the Prophet.

They are people who know and see firsthand the Prophet Muhammad SAW, helped his struggle and died in a Muslim state.

The companions of the Prophet have a commendable attitude and morality, because they always imitate and model every behavior of the Prophet SAW.

One of the enviable is the conscientiousness in giving alms. They are willing to give all their wealth for the sake of Islam. Even if converted in rupiah then the value is very large. So what kind of alms given by the companions of the prophet? Here’s the review.

1. Abu Bakr ash-Shiddiq Ra, Companions of Prophet

Abu Bakr ash-Shiddiq ra is a friend of the Prophet (pbuh) whom he loves most. Even Abu Bakr was the first friend to convert to Islam. His love for the Prophet (pbuh) made him willing to sacrifice his wealth and soul for the benefit of Muslims at that time.

One example is when he learned that a slave from the Quraysh had converted to Islam, he wanted to immediately free the slave. It was Bilal ibn Rabbah, the one who wanted to redeem Abu Bakr from umaiyah ibn Khalaf.

At that time Umaiyah set the price of 9 uqiyah gold to Abu Bakr if he wanted to redeem Bilal. Without thinking, Abu Bakr immediately redeemed Bilal.

2. Umar ibn Khattab Ra, Companions of Prophet

If Abu Bakr gave his money to someone else, then it was umar ibn Khattab.

It is narrated that Umar ibn Khattab made a will to give away one-third of the wealth he had for the benefit of the Muslims.

So that the wealth given by Umar ibn Khattab reached the figure of 40,000 dinars or dirhams which if converted would be equivalent to 42 million dollars

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3. Uthman ibn Affan Ra

Unlike the two previous companions, Uthman ibn Affan gave up his property for the benefit of Muslims during the Tabuk War.

He donated 300 camels and 1000 gold dinars which, when converted, was equivalent to 5.2 billion rupiah. Not only that, Uthman ibn Affan also added 30,500,000 silver dirhams and 100,000 dirhams of gold which he made to be presented in Islamic preaching when he died.

When totaled, the value of gold and silver is equivalent to 48 million dollars

During his reign, Uthman ibn Affan once bought a spring from a man of the Ghifar tribe for 35,000 dirhams, where the spring was waqf for the benefit of his people who were in desperate need of water because of the dry season.

During Abu Bakr’s reign, Uthman once gave wheat transported with 1000 camels to help the poor who suffered in the dry season.

4. Abdurrahman ibn Auf Ra

Then the friend of the Prophet (pbuh) who also likes to give alms is Abdurrahman bin Auf.

In a narration mentioned that the prophet’s friend once gave his personal wealth of 200 uqiah gold to help muslims who were then going to fight in the battle of Tabuk.

Such is the review of various alms given by the companions of the Prophet (s) for the benefit of Islam and Muslims at that time.

In addition to the friends who have been mentioned, there are still other companions of the Prophet (s) who also like to give alms. They are the ones who obey every prophet’s commands and follow his every suggestion.

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