Animal Killed by Electric Shock in Islamic View

Animal Killed by Electric Shock and Other Methods

The second question is: is it necessary that the method of slaughtering an animal employed by the People of the Book be the same as ours, which is to cut the throat? A majority of jurists stipulate this as a condition, while a number of Maliki jurists have ruled that it is not a condition.

Ibn al-‘Arabi, in explaining the verse of Surat al-Ma’idah ; The food of those who were given the Scripture is permitted to you, said,

“This is a decisive proof that the game and food of the People of the Book are among the good things which Allah has allowed for us. He, the Most High, has repeated it twice in order to allay doubts and to seal the mouths of those mischievous objectors, who would raise questions and prolong the discussion.

I was asked, ‘If a Christian kills a chicken by cutting off its head and then cooks it, is it permissible to eat with him or to partake of his food?’ I told the questioner to eat it, as this is his food and the food of his priests and monks.

Although this is not our way of slaughtering, yet Allah has permitted their food to us unconditionally, and also other things in their religion excepting those which Allah says they have falsified.

Our scholars have said that they give us their women in marriage and it is permissible to engage in sexual intercourse with them, and in matters concerning halal and harum, sexual intercourse is of graver import than eating: how then does it make sense to say that their food is not halal?” This is the opinion of Ibn al-‘Arabi.

What Is The Halal Concept In Islam ?

On another occasion he said, “What they eat without intending to make it lawful for eating, as for example by strangling the animal or smashing its head, is haram.” There is no contradiction between these two statements of his.

What is meant here is that what they consider to be religiously lawful to eat is halal for us, even though the method of killing the animal in their religion may be different from ours and what is not religiously lawful to them is haram for us.

What is meant by killing the animal in their religion is killing it with the intention of making it lawful as food according to their religion. This is the opinion of a group of Maliki jurists.

In the light of this ruling, we know that imported meats, such as chicken and canned beef, originating with the People of the Book are halal for us, even though the animal may have been killed by means of electric shock or the like.

As long as they consider it lawful in their religion, it is halal for us. This is the application of the above verse from Surat al-Ma’idah.


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