Another Name of Chapter Al Fatihah in Quran

Moslimdaily – The Clerics have revealed that Al Fatihah has many names. However, the Scholars disagreed on what exactly the number of names from Al Fatihah’s letter was.

Al Imam As Suyuthi in his work Al Itqan fi ‘Ulumil Qur’an mentions that the number of names from Al Fatihah is around the twenties of names. While Al Fairuz Abadi in his book Basair Dzawit Tamyiz fi
Latoifil Kitabil ‘Aziz argues that al-Fatihah has nearly thirty names.

The following is the name or designation attached to Al Fatihah’s letter along with a brief explanation based on the opinions of several scholars:

1. Asasul Quran

Asasul Quran means the principle or foundation of the Quran. As narrated by As Sya’bi from Ibn Abbas’s friend that al Fatihah is Asasul Quran.

2. Al Waqiyah

This name is mentioned by Imam Sufyan ibn ‘Uyainah as mentioned by al-Hafizh Ibn Katsir in his interpretation. Al Waqiyah means protector.

3. Al Kafiyah

Al Kafiyah means something sufficient. The name mentioned by some scholars comes from a mursal hadith:

أمُّ القُرْآنِ عِوَضٌ مِن غَيْرِها وليسَ غَيْرُها منها عِوضاً

“It is the Ummul Quran that is the substitute of the other one, while the other cannot replace it” (HR. Ahmad 2/284, Muslim 780).

4. Other names of Al Fatihah (Chapter in Quran)

In addition there are several other names mentioned by Fairuz Abadi in his work Basha’ir Dzawit Tamyiz fi Lathaifil Kitabil ‘Aziz without him mentioning the underlying postulates, including: Al Hamdu (Praise), Asy Shafiah, Al Wafiyah (The Sufficiency), Surotuts Tsana’ (Letter of Flattery).

Al Imam As Suyuthi in his work Al Itqon fi ‘Ulumil Qur’an also mentions other names without mentioning the obvious nash, including: Al Kunz (Treasury), An Nur (Light), Suratus Syukr (verses of Gratitude).

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