Arabic Women Before Islam Exist

The fate of women before the advent of Islam, like an object that is free to be treated anything by men. And his position became a second-class group.

Women are only serving men and must be ready whenever needed. This condition is of course very concerning.

In fact, the impression of misogynists (hatred towards women) is so thick coloring human life in the age of jahiliyyah.

In ancient Greece, women’s dignity was very low. Women are only seen as the next tool of generations and a kind of domestic helper and release of male sexual appetites.

The philosopher Demosthenes argued that the wife only functioned to bear children, Aristotales considered women equal to slaves.

Another philosopher, Plato judged, the honor of men on his ability to rule, while the ‘honor’ of women according to him was in his ability to do simple and despised works while silent without speaking.

Throughout pre-Islamic times, women’s positions never changed, the main task being only to be the ‘servants’ of men.

Women Before Islam


In general, the lives of women in pre-Islamic Arab societies were very bad. Women are objects of violence and oppression. Their rights were violated and their possessions seized

Their inheritance rights are revoked, they (after divorcing or widowing) to choose a new husband, and they have no inheritance such as inheriting property or animal mounts.

They also experience bad treatment. Men can enjoy all their rights, while women cannot enjoy any rights.

Even in terms of food, there are certain foods that are permissible for men, but it is forbidden for women to consume.

Men also have the right to marry a number of women. They also hate newborn girls to the extent that they can bury their newborn little girls alive. They can also kill the girls very violently.

It often happens that a newborn little girl is left alive until her father returns from a journey that lasts, sometimes, months, even more.

When the father comes home, he will kill the girl who begins to grow up mentally physically! Some fathers, furthermore, used to push their daughters from extraordinary heights.

After Islam Exist


Islam came in the seventh century in the Arabian Peninsula, one of its great missions of changing the fate of women. Women are as human as men.

Islam comes with a noble purpose to free people from the shackles of humanity filled with injustice.

Islam pays great attention to women and their lives. The Quran and hadith of the Prophet (s) are narrated. There is so much evidence that The teachings of Islam really pay attention to women’s issues thoroughly and put them in a place of respect.

Before the advent of Islam, women were seen as beings who lacked reason, lacked understanding in religion, lacked potential, and lacked human value when compared to men.

Islam comes with a new view of women in terms of humanity, namely the similarities between men and women. It’s just different in its role.

In addition, the arrival of Islam also provides guarantees for the rights of women.

In the fifth or seventh century AD there was still a view and debate, whether a woman was spirited or not, worshipping God as a man or not, she was entitled to heaven or hell.

But in reality, Islam gives equal opportunities and positions between men and women in achieving glory with Allah Almighty, as described in surah al-Ahzab verse 35, Ali Imran verse 195, and an-Nahl verse 79.

These verses clearly explain to us that the godfearing men and women have forgiveness and a reward from Allah. Allah does not distinguish between his servants by gender, and he is the Lord of the Worlds.

In the household, which is the position of the woman as a husband’s companion wife. Islam also gives rights to women, and not necessarily everything must be regulated by men who are the head of the household.

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In Islam, a wife is entitled to protection, compassion, mental birth expenses and so on.

Not only that, Islam also gives educational and political rights to women. Because in Islam, women have the same full rights as men, including in terms of education and politics.

The Hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who commands his people to study is common, not specific to a particular gender. Therefore if there is a view, for what high school women, as well as considered still taboo. Then it is necessary to explore and learn more about the values brought by Islam.

In addition, in Islam women also get rights comparable to men in politics.

History records, in the past many women were allowed to take part in discussions and were entitled to defend their arguments even in the presence of the Prophet (s).

What Quran say about Women ?


When Islam came, he raised the rank of woman and returned her to her state as a worthy human being.

He said, “O you who have believed, We have created you male and female.” Qs. Al Hujurat:13).

Here Allah Subhaanahu Wata’ala mentions that women are allies of men in the status of humanity.

Allah subhaanahu Wata’ala said :

“Whoever does righteous deeds from among men and women and he believes, We will surely give him a good life, and We will reward them with the best of what they used to do.” Qs. An Nahl: 97).

Islam has guaranteed women’s independence in their personalities and made them heirs, not inherited items.

In fact, Allah Subhaanahu Wata’ala gave him the right to inherit the property of his relatives, said Allah Subhaanahu Wata’ala, meaning:

“For men is a share of what parents and relatives have left behind, and for women there is a share of what their parents and relatives have left behind, whether little or much.” Qs. An-Nisa: 7).

“Allah has prescribed for you concerning your children. The male part is the same as the two daughters; if the child is more than two-thirds female, then their share is two-thirds of what is left behind; if the girl is alone, then she has half the wealth.” Qs. An-Nisa: 11).

Until the end mentioned in this verse relating to the woman whether she is a mother, daughter, brother, or wife.

Why do women get only half of men’s share of wealth? Such divisions are established because a man has the need to provide, bear burdens, seek provision and endure hardships, so that he deserves twice the inheritance of women.

In the case of marriage, God limits men to four wives at most. And that is the right thing for you between wives.

So Allah Subhaanahu Wata’ala is also obliged to touch them well. Allah says :

“And slang them with good manners.” Qs. An Nisa: 19).

And Allah, Wata’ala, gave them their dowries, and commanded that their dowry be given in full, unless he gave it up. Allah Subhaanahu Wata’ala said (meaning):

“Give the woman a dowry as a willing gift. Then if they give you some of it with pleasure, then eat of it as good as it is good.” Qs. An-Nisa: 4).

And Allah made them stewards of her husband’s house, and made them stewards over her children. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“And the wife in charge of her husband’s house and she will also be asked about her responsibilities.” (HR. Bukhari and Muslim).

Similarly, Allah Subhaanahu Wata’ala also obliges husbands to provide, and give clothing to them appropriately.

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