Beloved Uncle of Prophet Muhammad

Story of Prophet Muhammad – It has been recorded in the history of several names of influential figures in the spread of Islam, one of which is Abu Talib. He was the prophet Muhammad’s uncle who most defended the Prophet.

After the death of his father, Abu Muttalib, the Prophet Muhammad was taken care of by Abu Talib. Together with his wife, Fatimah bint Asad, Abu Talib took care of and raised the Prophet with affection.

Even Abu Talib faithfully defended the Prophet and kept him away from the threat of the Quraysh infidels. He also helped the Prophet in spreading the religion of tawhid.

What’s he like? And what values can be taken from it?

The figure of Abu Talib, Uncle of the Prophet Muhammad

Abu Talib had the real name Abu Manaf bin Abdul Muttalib. He was one of the great figures of the Bani Hashim who was respected by the Quraysh.

Abu Talib was one of the Prophet Muhammad’s most beloved uncles. He was so persistent in defending the Prophet and kept him away from the cruelty of the quraysh infidels.

As a surrogate parent to the Prophet, Abu Talib loved and loved him. His wife, Fatimah bint Asad, was amazed at the prophet’s praise.

The Prophet Muhammad’s Caretaker

After his parents died, the Prophet Muhammad was fostered by his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. Abdul Muttalib was the leader in Makkah at the time.

However, because he was very old at around 110 years old, Abdul Muttalib only took care of him for 2 years. Abdul Muttalib told his son Abu Talib to take care of his grandson on the condition that he should protect, serve the care and educate the Prophet PBUH.

Abu Talib was a very rich man, his income was only enough to eat daily. He did not tell his nephew to earn money, but the little Prophet Muhammad asked to be allowed to herd goats with his brother.

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Support and Defense of the Prophet Muhammad

Abu Talib defended the Prophet Muhammad who was incessantly disturbed by the Quraysh who rejected the prophet Muhammad’s da’wah. Even when Muhammad was sent to be a Prophet and Messenger, Abu Talib remained the foremost defender even though Abu Talib was 75 years old.

He stated openly and openly in every meeting with the higher-ups of the Quraysh that he fully supports and defends the da’wah of the Prophet Muhammad.

He was once offered to exchange the Prophet Muhammad for a young Quraysh who was dashing, handsome, and strong-looking. But Abu Talib balked.

Abu Talib’s defense of the Prophet Muhammad made none of the Quraysh dare to disturb the Prophet Muhammad.

Death of Abu Thalib

Abu Talib was someone who had been instrumental in helping the prophet Shallallhu ‘alaihi wa sallam. However, Abu Talib was reluctant to utter the shahada phrase “laa ilaaha illallah” even when the Prophet Muhammad ordered the shahada.

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