Benefits of Five Time Prayer for Muslims

Five-time prayer is considered very important for Muslims. Prayer is one part of what is called the Pillars of Islam.

Regardless of what many people think, prayer is not just a moment to ask for something from Allah SWT. At that time, Muslims took time to give thanks and praise Him.

In QS Ar-Rad verse 28 it is written, “(That is) those who believe and their hearts become at peace with the remembrance of Allah. Remember, only with the remembrance of Allah the hearts become at peace”.

Prayer is also not an escape from reality, but an escape to reality. In every prayer, a Muslim can put all the affairs of life in a perspective and see what is really important in life.

Therules of prayer at certain times are not just sharia rules. The purpose of this time placement is to complete one’s entire day by remembering God.

Some converts mentioned that they lived a very busy life and asked if it was permissible to perform all the prayers at one time when they were not busy. According to him, precisely because we are living a busy life, we must pray at certain times.

By praying at these set times, we provide a prayer routine in our days. We wake up thinking about God and we spend the day interrupting all our busyness to think about Him again

Pillars Of Islam And Iman (Faith)

The problem that people sometimes face when performing prayers is that they feel distracted and unable to concentrate. According to him, this depends on how ready a person is to perform prayers.

This pause or time required to prepare can be achieved during ablution. When a Muslim cleanses the dirt that sticks to his body, this is the same as preparing a prayer to clean the dirt that sticks to the heart and life.

For those who have just converted to Islam, starting a prayer journey will bring great benefits. The greatest of all is realizing if prayer will help put our lives into a new perspective, as well as seeing that everything comes from God and that to God everything will return. 

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