Benefits of Habbatus Sauda : mentioned by the Prophet

Benefits of Habbatus Sauda (Black Cumin)

Benefits of Habbatus Sauda | Habbatus sauda’ or known as black cumin is one of the gifts that God gives to man.

He recommends it to be consumed by humans, both when they are sick, or when healthy to maintain stamina

This is as conveyed by the words of His Messenger,

“Surely in al-habbatus sauda’ there is a cure from all diseases, except death” (HR. Muslim)

Nigella Sativa is the Latin name of habbatus sauda’. this has been known since ancient Greece. It is said that the Greek kings were buried along with the seeds of Nigela Sativa which served to preserve their remains.

Ancient Greek medicine expert Dioscoredes in the first century noted that Nigella Sativa was used to treat headaches, respiratory tracts, toothache, and intestinal worms.

Recent research proves, this black seed has the ability to strengthen the immune system, bronchial asthma and bronchitis, rheumatism and increase the production of breast milk.

Nigella’s content

1. Oleate (Omega 9), Linoleat (Omega 6),
2. Linolenic (Omega 3)
3. Volatile oils or essential oils
4. Phytosterols
5. Alkaloids (Nigelleine and Nigellamine-n-oxide)
6. Amino Acids

If mixed with ginseng bersungsi as adaptagon to normalize the function of body organs by launching blood relief and strengthening vitality.

Benefits of Nigella Sativa

Black cumin
Black Cumin

Based on nigella content as mentioned above, it can be obtained various benefits as below:

1. Strengthen the immune system

Based on the results of research, black cumin can increase the number of T cells, which is good for increasing natural killer cells.

Evekti bags up to 72% when compared to placebo (only 7%). Dr. Basil Ali and colleagues from the College of Medicine, at King Faisal University, published it in the journal Saudi Pharmasetics.

The efficacy of Nigella extract is recognized by Prof.G Reitmuller, Director of the Institute of Immonology of the University of Munich, it can boost the immune system and can be used as a bioregulator.

Thus, Nigella can be used as a cure for immune-attacking diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

2. Improve memory, concentration and alertness

Containing linoleic acid (Omega 6) and linolenic acid (Omega 3), Nigella is a nutrient for brain cells that is useful to improve memory and intelligence.

Nigella also improves micro (circulatory) to the brain and is very suitable given to children of growth age and elderly.

3. Increase hormone bioactivity

Hormones are active substances produced by the endocrine glands, which enter the blood circulation.

In the human body there are various types of hormones, among them reproductive hormones related to sexual arousal.

One of Nigella’s ingredients is a setrol that functions synthesis and bioactivity hormones.

4. Neutralize toxins in the body

Toxins can disrupt metabolism and degrade the function of important organs such as the liver, lungs and brain.

Mild symptoms of poisoning can be diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, respiratory distress and decreased concentration.

Nigella contains saponins that can neutralize and cleanse toxins in the body.

5. Overcoming sleep disorders and stress

Sapion found in Nigella has a corticosteroid-like function. Sapion serves to defend itself from environmental changes, sleep disturbances and can relieve stress.

6. Anti histamine

Histamine is a substance released by body tissues that gives allergic reactions such as bronchial asthma.

Oils made from Nigella can isolate dithymoquinone. The administration of this oil has a positive impact on bronchial asthma sufferers.

7. Improve the digestive tract and anti-bacterial

Nigella contains atsii oil and volatile oil which has known benefits to improve digestion. Traditionally essential oils are used for diarrheal remedies.

In 1992, the Pakistan Journal of Pharmacy published the results of a study that proved volatile more potent for killing strains of V Cholera and E Coli bacteria compared to anti-biotics such as ampicillin and tetracycline.

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8. Launch breast milk

Coordination of unsaturated fat parts and hormonal structures contained in Nigella can launch breast milk. This research was later published in potchestroom research literature, in 1989.

9. Additional nutrition in pregnant women and toddlers

In its infancy, children need nutrients to boost the immune system naturally, especially in the rainy season, children will be prone to flu and colds.

Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 contained in Nigella is a nutrient that helps the development of brain tissue of toddlers and fetuses.

10. Rejuvenates skin cells and delays the aging process

The skin is one of the outermost organs of the body that is important. Its function protects the body from physical impact, germs, and fungi. Nigella is excellent for maintaining moisture, smoothness, and youthfulness of the skin.

11. Nutrition for the elderly and food suplement

Rich in nutrients as an additional energy is a deal for the elderly, especially to maintain the body’s endurance and relativity of brain cells so as not to senile quickly.

12. Tumor and anti-body drugs

Nigella sativa can stimulate bone marrow and immune cells. Its interferon produces normal cells against viruses that damage while destroying tumor cells and improving anti-body.

In closing, there is something to be remembered and realized by the Muslims in the form of wisdom that all that comes from Allah and His messenger contains a very high and infinite wisdom.

And habbatus sauda’ is just a small example of many things from God and His messenger.

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