Benefits of Sunnah Fasting for a Muslim Spiritual

Increase Gratitude with fasting

The benefits of Shaum Monday Thursday, one of which is, it can create a sense of empathy for others for that person. Especially for those who are less fortunate than us.

By fasting Monday Thursday, we will know better how to be grateful for the blessings given by Allah SWT.

Lowering Lust

In addition, fasting on Mondays and Thursdays can help you control your lust, As explained in a hadith, when the Prophet Muhammad gave advice to young people who were about to get married. However, they did not have enough, therefore they were advised to fast by Rasulullah.

Benefits of Fasting Monday Thursday According to the Quran

In the Qur’an it is known that Monday and Thursday are the days when the doors of heaven are opened. So that these two days all the sins that have been committed by Muslims will get forgiveness from Allah SWT.

Avoiding Satan’s Temptation

The benefits of fasting Monday and Thursday for the world, namely, avoiding us from the temptations of Satan who go astray. By fasting Monday Thursday this is the best way of worship to prevent Satan’s efforts to affect the soul and body of humans.

That way, you can minimize the effects of Satan on humans such as committing disobedience or doing things that are forbidden by Allah SWT.

Not Just Muslims, This Five Animals Also Fasting

Resting Digestive Organs

Furthermore, the benefits of fasting Monday and Thursday for men and women can help and maintain the health of digestive organs.

How come?

Every day the digestive system is one of the organs that is busy and requires large amounts of energy. Yes, the digestive system is very much needed by the body for healing, repair, and general maintenance of the body.

Therefore, it makes sense to give him a break for one to two days. When fasting Monday Thursday, digestion will routinely take a break from the stress of digesting food.

That way the function of the digestive system will continue to be maintained its performance.

A healthy digestive system will keep you away from digestive diseases such as stomach problems, constipation, diarrhea, and much more.

Can Be Stress Reliever

Worship sunnah fasting Monday Thursday is one way to increase the reward for provisions in the hereafter. In addition, the efficacy of fasting Monday Thursday can be used as a stress reliever.

However, when we are carrying out the sunnah fasting worship Monday and Thursday, we are required to make ourselves always aware of the things that will be done.

Be the brain and muscles can stop for a moment in heavy activities. As a result, stress can be avoided.

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