8 Benefits of Wudhu for Health

Wudhu and Benefits for Health | Every time we pray, we are obliged to do wudhu. Wudu itself is the act of washing certain parts of the body using running water.

So it is cleaner in addition to the demands of sharia activities to wash water to the skin is also useful to calm the mind.

Moreover, according to some research wudu’ also turned out to have health benefits. As reported from prayer in Islam some time ago here are a number of benefits of wudu for this health

Wudu Makes you healthy

  1. Wudhu not only cleanses important parts of the body from dirt and dust, but also softens and refreshes the skin.
  2. Inhaling water into the nostrils during wudu’ prevents germs and dust from getting trapped or entering the body.
  3. Washing the ears during wudu helps get rid of earwax that can cause infection. Wiping the upper back of the ear also prevents infections such as mastoiditis or ear spine infections.
  4. Wudhu helps prevent skin cancer, because the washed area is the most vulnerable part of the body to pollution.
  5. In addition, wudu’ also cleanses the body from internal pollution, such as sweat that is ridden by germs or other bacteria.
  6. Washing water during wudu helps refresh the ends of blood vessels, nerves and glands near the surface of the skin. Therefore, wudu’ helps all three function efficiently.
  7. Washing and washing your feet during wudu is very important. Because, most of us wear shoes when doing activities, so bacteria or germs risk living there.

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Thus it is very fortunate to be a Muslim who always upholds prayer so that at least five times we do wudu that has an effect on health.

But if we add with some other sunnah prayers then this wudu’ activity is also increasingly frequent so that our health is more maintained.

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