History of Islam : The Birth of Prophet Muhammad

History of Islam : The Birth of Prophet Muhammad

At the moment when the Prophet Muhammad was born, the Arabian peninsula was narrowed by two empires: Rome and Persia. The two fought over the hijaz region in the Middle East, which was not yet occupied at the time.

The Romans, then under the byzantine empire, became the center of Eastern Christianity or Orthodox Christianity, while Persia under the Sasanian Empire had a zoroastrian majority.

In the midst of such geopolitical context, the Prophet Muhammad was born in Makkah in 571 AD or about 1449 years ago.

In the Islamic treasures, the year of the prophet Muhammad’s birth is known as the “Year of the Elephant” which marks an important moment when the ethiopian vassal king in Yemen, Abrahah intended to level the building of the Kaaba.

The troops headed for Makkah with elephants. The Kaaba never collapsed, and Abrahah’s army was rained with stones thrown by the birds of Ababil.

This is narrated in official Islamic sources. This attack on the Kabah is also enshrined in the Qur’an surah Al-Fiil.

The Year Of Elephant – Birth of Muhammad PBUH

The Birth of Prophet Muhammad
The Birth of Prophet Muhammad

In the “Year of the Elephant”, muhammad’s baby was born from the womb of Aminah bint Wahab bin Abdi Manaf bin Zuhra as an orphan.

His father, Abdullah ibn Abdul Muthalib died on a commercial trip from Syria. Abdullah died while visiting his mother’s brother’s place in Yathrib.

After Aminah gave birth, Abdul Muthalib was very happy and took the newborn to the Kaaba, and gave her the name Muhammad. Abdul Muthalib’s chosen name “Muhammad” raises questions among makkah Arabs.

When the camel slaughter was held after 7 days of the baby’s birth, the Quraysh wondered why the baby’s name was not taken from the names of their ancestors.

Abdul Muthalib, who witnessed the awesomeness of the “Elephant War” and the help of attacks from the “heavens”, replied: “I want him [Muhammad] to be a praiseworthy man to God in the heavens and to His creatures on earth.”

In Arabic, the word “Muhammad” is taken from an adjective meaning “one who is constantly praised.”

Abdul Muthalib’s wish was granted because the Prophet Muhammad SAW became such an influential figure, virtuous to be nicknamed Al-Amin (trusted person), and gained a special place in the history of the world.

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Death of the Fire of the Magi – Birth of Muhammad

Death of the Fire of the Magi
Death of the Fire of the Magi

It is said that on the night of the prophet Muhammad’s birth, the palace of kisra in Persia shook up to 14 rooms collapsed.

The Zoroastrian fire worshipped by the Magi was extinguished. In fact, the fire has been burning for 1000 years.

The birth of The Prophet Muhammad SAW is believed to have “extinguished the fire” of the Magi, marking the emergence of the message of “deity” amid the impurities of the Roman and Persian empires

Dry lake

Dry lake
Dry lake

In The next day, the waters of Rice Fields lake in Persia receded. Some springs dried up and the kisra people were confused.

A confidant in Kisra named Al-Mubidzan dreamed of seeing heavily loaded camels guiding good horses.

The camels traveled through the Tigris and euphrates, and spread to a number of their lands.

The dream was interpreted as the birth of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which became a big moment in all corners of Arabia.

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