Business Trips Of prophet Muhammad PART 1

Striving for earning Halal sustenance has been the way of blessed prophet. Amongst these blessed personages, some would do the work of sewing clothes, some would engage in agriculture and some would do carpentry to earn Halal sustenance.

Our Beloved Rasul also made efforts to earn Halal sustenance. He did trade and for this he travelled to Syria and Yemen, etc. During the trade, the Beloved Rasul avoided quarrels, kept promises, had patience and forbearance, forgave and tolerated [people] and remained honest.

During business trips, by virtue of his good manners, good dealings, and truth and honesty he became famous by the title of Saadiq (truthful) and Ameen (Trustworthy). Though the disbelievers of Makkah were bitter enemies of our Beloved prophet they would trust his trustworthiness and honesty so much that they would entrust their precious goods and possession to him. In short, our Beloved prophet had all the qualities in a perfect manner that a trader should possess.

Business Trip To Yemen

The family occupation of our Beloved Porphet Muhammad was trade. Since he PBUH made many business trips with his uncle Abu Taalib in his childhood, he PBUH gained considerable experience of business dealing. Therefore for livelihood, he PBUH started doing trade and travelled to different places for the purpose of trade.

Our Beloved Prophet PBUH made business trips for Sayyidatuna Khadijah. Two of them were made to Yemen. It is stated in a narration: Sayyidatuna Khadijah sent the Beloved Prophet to Jurash (a place in Yemen) twice for trade and every journey was in return for a female camel

Business Trip To Bahrain

Before the declaration of Prophethood, the Business Trips Of The Beloved Rasul to Bahrain is also mentioned. Delegations from far and wide areas of Arab would come to him. Amongst these delegations, the delegation of Abdul Qays also came from Bahrain.

He PBUH asked the delegation about the conditions of the cities of Bahrain after mentioning their names. They surprisingly asked: Ya Rasulullah! May our parents be sacrificed for you! You know even more than us the names of our cities! He replied: I have stayed in your cities and Kushadgi [expansion] was made for me in these cities.

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Gave more dates than the decided quantity

Sayyiduna Tariq Bin Abdullah has stated: When we came to Madinah Munawwarah, we saw a person near its boundary wearing two chadors. He greeted us and asked: Where are you going? To Madinah, we replied. He asked us about the reason for coming to this city.

We replied: For getting its dates. We have a riding camel as well as a red nose-haltered camel. He said: Do you want to sell this (red) camel? We replied: We will sell it for such an amount of Saa’ (unit of weight) dates. That person did not ask us to reduce anything in the price and set out holding the rein of the camel. When he vanished from sight, we started saying: O, what have we done? We have given our camel to an unknown person and have not got the price from him.

A lady who was with us said: Do not reproach (criticize) one another. By Allah Almighty! A person having such face will never deceive you. I saw his face that was as bright as the full moon. I guarantee [you] the price of that camel of yours. We were still having a conversation that a man came and said: The Beloved Prophet has sent me and these dates are for you. Eat to your fill from them and also get the complete quantity after weighing them (that is, the Beloved Rasool has given dates more than the decided quantity)

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