Byzantine Victory Proofs the Truth of the Quran

Moslimdaily | The Eastern Roman Empire or better known as the Byzantine Empire had suffered defeat in the 7th century AD from the Persians. As a result of the crushing defeat, the Byzantines had to lose Jerusalem. And at that time people thought that the Byzantine Empire would never be able to rise again.

But seven years after the Byzantine defeat precisely in 620 AD, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) received a revelation from Allah that contained the news that the Byzantines would win again after his defeat in the coming years.

The revelation can be seen in the epistrture of Ar-Rum:

“Alif Laam Miim” [QS. Ar-Rum verse 1]

“The Romans have been defeated,” [QS. Ar-Rum verse 2]

“In the nearest land and they will after they have been defeated.” Ar-Rum verse 3]

“In a few more years. For Allah, it is before and after (they win). And on the day of the (victory of the Romans) were the joys of those who believed.” Ar-Rum verse 4]

Byzantine Victory Proofs the Truth of the Quran
Byzantine Victory Proofs the Truth of the Quran

At the time of the revelation of Allah, the disbelievers underestimated and laughed at what had been revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him). They considered that Byzantium could not rise in the next few years let alone achieve victory.

It was because the Byzantine defeat of Persia was so severe that they considered what God preached impossible. God has never broken his promises.

In the end, God’s word was proved. In December 627, at Nineveh there was a war between the forces of the Byzantine Empire against the Persians. Surprisingly, the Byzantines managed to defeat the Persians and managed to win again.

A few months later, the Persians were forced to make a treaty with the Byzantines that required them to return the territory they had taken from the Byzantines.

And finally, it was proved to be the word of God. So, one more proof that we already know that the Qur’an is indeed the word of Allah SWT which is guaranteed 100% purity and truth. We should never doubt God’s promises, for God will never break His promises.

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