Can a Muslim Seeking Help from Non-Muslims ?

There is no harm done if Muslims, at either the private or governmental level, seek help front non Muslims in technical matters which have no connection with the religion – for example, in medicine, industry, or agriculture. At the same time it is o1 course extremely desirable that Muslims become self-sufficient in all such fields.

We see from the life of the Prophet (pbuh) that he employed ‘Abdullah ibn Urayqit, a polytheist, to be his guide on his emigration from Makkah to Madinah.

Scholars have concluded from this that a person’s unbelief does not mean that he is basically untrustworthy, for what could be more risky than depending on a guide to show the route, particularly in emigrating from Makkah to Madinah?

Going considerably beyond this, scholars say that it is permissible for the leader of the Muslims to seek help from non-Muslims, especially the People of the Book, in military matters, and to give them an equal share of spoils with the Muslims.

Islamic Law : Muslim Works For Non Muslims

Az-Zuhri reported that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) sought help from some of the Jews in a war and gave them a share of the spoils, and that Safwan ibn Umayyah fought on the side of the Prophet (pbuh) while still an idolater.(‘ The condition for seeking help from a non Muslim is that he be trusted by the Muslims; otherwise. help may not be sought from him.

Since it is prohibited to seek help from unreliable Muslims, such as those who spread rumors and anxieties. this is the more true in the case of non believers.

The Muslim is permitted to give gifts to non Muslims and to accept gifts from them. It is sufficient here to mention that the Prophet (pbuh) accepted gifts from non Muslim kings.(’ Scholars of Hadith state that there are many liaclitlis which report that the Pfophet (pbuh) accepted gifts from non Muslim

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