Cartoon maker of Prophet Muhammad killed in car crash

Cartoon maker of Prophet Was Dead

Moslimdaily – A Swedish cartoonist named Lars Vilks who once made cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, was killed in a car accident. Vilks has been living under police protection since the controversial cartoon, which he made in 2007, sparked numerous death threats.

Swedish police confirmed that Vilks, 75, was killed when his car collided with a truck. Two police officers in charge of escorting him were also killed in the crash.

The accident happened near a small town called Markaryd when Vilks’ oncoming car suddenly collided with a truck coming from the opposite direction. Both vehicles caught fire and the truck driver had to be hospitalized.

Cartoon maker of Prophet Muhammad killed in car crash
Cartoon maker of Prophet Muhammad killed in car crash

In a statement, Swedish police said the cause of the crash was not yet known.

Vilks has been under police protection since a 2007 cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad sparked outrage among Muslims. Al-Qaeda has offered a $100,000 reward for the killing of Vilks.

The controversial cartoon, created by Vilks, also sparked a diplomatic row, with Sweden’s then Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, meeting ambassadors from several Muslim countries to ease tensions.

In 2015, Vilks survived an armed attack at a free speech conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, that killed a Danish film director.

Lars Vilk harasses Muslims

Lars Vilk caused controversy by sketching the prophet Muhammad’s head on a dog’s body published in 2007. The cartoon was condemned by the Muslim community for including blasphemy.

Vilks’ cartoon drew outrage that led Swedish Prime Minister Fedrik Reindfeldt to meet ambassadors from 22 Muslim countries in an effort to calm the situation.

Shortly after, the radical al-Qaeda group in Iraq offered a $100,000 reward for the assassination of Lars Vilks.

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