7 Characteristics of The Ideal Muslim Family

Home and family are the most comfortable places to settle down and live together. The house and family should bring comfort and tranquility. That is what is taught in Islam. This is to create an ideal home for Muslim families.

Every Muslim is obliged to take care and protect his family. It can start at home.

There are a number of characteristics of an ideal home for the formation of a happy Muslim family as prescribed in Islam. Here are seven things that must be met to create ideal home conditions for Muslims

1. Getting used to Reading the Quran

The Ideal Muslim Family
The Ideal Muslim Family

Reading the Koran at home is a blessing for Muslim families and an effective way to keep the house away from satan. This is the first way to build an ideal house.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Do not make your house a grave (without worship). Satan must flee from the house where the Surah Al-Baqarah is recited.” (HR Muslim)

2. Awake from sin

Muslim families will start everything from the ideal home. They will always keep themselves and their homes free from sin and tools of sin. Because the instrument of sin also encourages the work of sin.

And sin destroys the order and peace of the house. Even if a good thing is abused, it must be kept away from the house.

3. Creating decency

Islam has instructed both men and women from Muslim families to behave in a dignified and elegant manner.

However, because men are more attracted to women, women are instructed not to display their beauty. In addition, Islam also instructed the man to keep his eyes on him.

He said, “I will not give up my reward

“And stay in your houses and do not present yourself as the look of times of ignorance.” Qs Al Ahzab: 33

So, not just outdoors. Instead, Islam has instructed both men and women to live dignified lives even indoors, making it an ideal home.

In QS An Nur verses 31 and 56-59, Muslims and Muslims are instructed to wear clothing that covers the awrah.

While at certain times, that is, before dawn, during the lunch break, and after Ishaa, adults are asked to ask permission before entering the house or private space in the house.

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4. Hospitality and Be Humble

Humble - The Ideal Muslim Family
Humble – The Ideal Muslim Family

Every human being has more or fewer relatives. For this reason, relatives will also come as guests at home. So it is important to always keep the necessary items in the collection for the guests.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “One bed in the house for men, one bed for his wife, the third for guests and the fourth (if not necessary) for Satan.” (Muslim)

5. No rivals

In the eyes of Islam, it is completely undesirable to compete in the construction of houses and buildings.

When Gabriel asked about the signs of resurrection, the Prophet (pbuh) said to her, “The slave girl will give birth to her master (i.e. she will not obey her mother); And ye shall see that the barefoot and barefoot shepherds shall be proud of each other by building high palaces.” (HR Muslim)

6. Not alone at home with other men or women

Not alone at home with other men or women
Not alone at home with other men or women

Men and women who are not mahrams are forbidden to be alone in the house.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “When a man is alone with a woman, Satan joins them as a third person.” (HR Tirmidhi)

7. Spacious room

The living room should be spacious and large according to the needs. The Prophet (pbuh) said, “There are four good things: a holy wife, a spacious house, a virtuous neighbor, and a comfortable vehicle.”

Another hadeeth says, “The good news is for a person who has been able to control his tongue, make his house spacious (habitable) and weep (for fear of Allah) because of his sins.


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