Consumption of harmfull thing is Haram

Moslimdaily | The Consumption of Harmful Things Is Haram A general rule of the Islamic Shari’ah is that it is harum for the Muslim to eat or drink anything which may cause his death, either quickly or gradually, such as poisons, or substances which are injurious to health or harmful to his body.

It is also haram to eat or drink large quantities of a substance if large quantities of it cause illness. For the Muslim is not entirely his own master; he is also an asset to his religion and his Ummah, and his life, health, wealth, and all that Allah has bestowed upon him are a trust with him which he is not permitted to diminish.

Says Allah (Glory be to Him), “And do not kill yourselves: indeed, Allal is Ever-Merciful to you.” (An-Nisa’: 29)

He also says, “And do not he cast into ruin by your own hands…” (Al-Baqarah: 195)

And His Messenger (pbuh) said : “Do not harm yourself or others.”

As an application of this principle, we may say that if it is proven that the use of tobacco is injurious to health, it is haram, especially for a person whose physician has advised him to stop smoking.

Even if it is not injurious to health, it is still a waste of money, spent neither for religious nor for secular benefit, and the Prophet (pbuh) forbade wasting of property.

This becomes more serious when the money is otherwise needed for the sustenance of oneself or one’s family.

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