Copies of Quran manuscripts from middle ages

Exhibition Copies of Quranic manuscripts

King Fahad’s National Library, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has opened an exhibition of rare Arabic manuscripts, including copies of medieval Korans.

Reporting from the Arab News page on Friday (5/8/2022), the Secretary General of the library, Dr. Mansour bin Abdullah Al-Zamil, launched the opening of the exhibition. It includes books printed before the unification of the Kingdom during the reign of King Abdulaziz.

The Director of the Department of Anecdotes and Collections of the library, Saleh Al-Aboudi gave a presentation explaining the content of the exhibition. It boasts a Koran dating from the third century Hijri as well as local manuscripts, miniatures, antiques, inscriptions, and other Arabic and Saudi publications.

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Formerly one of the largest energy and chemical companies in the world, Sinopec China has also gifted 2,000 books on Chinese culture to the King Fahd National Library in Riyadh. Chinese envoy Chen Weiqing inaugurated a Chinese-language book corner in the library with the presence of the library’s secretary, Dr. Mansour bin Abdullah Al-Zamil.

In addition, the King Abdulaziz Library also opened a branch at Peking University in Beijing to expose the Chinese people to Saudi culture.

The library is housed in a six-story building located near the main entrance of the university on an area of 13 thousand square meters.

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