Does Islam exist in Russia?

Islam is the second largest religion embraced by Russian citizens.

Islam in Russia – Various estimates have put the Muslim population in Russia between 14-20 million people or 10-14 percent of Russia’s total population of 146.8 million in 2018.

The Muslim population in Russia is predicted to increase in the next few years. One of those who expressed the thought was Ravil Gainutdin, chairman of the Council of Muftis, a religious group representing Russia’s Muslim community.

In early 2019, Ravil predicts about 30 percent of Russia’s population will embrace Islam in the next 15 years or by 2034. His estimate was based on demographic trends that have occurred in Russia.

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Russia’s Muslim-majority regions, such as republics in the North Caucasus and tatarstan republics, have the highest birth rates in the country. According to experts, Russia’s [Muslim] population will rise to 30 percent in a decade and a half.

Orthodox Christianity is the most religious religion.

Orthodox Christianity is the majority religion in Russia with approximately 80 percent of its population. Meanwhile, the most religions embraced by the Russian population after Orthodox Christianity and Islam, namely Buddhism and Judaism.

Islam, the second largest religion in Russia, has a different pattern than Orthodoxy. Islam knows no patriarti or centralization of religious power.

This is said to make it difficult for the Russian government to control Muslims even though the mechanism of religious control of Sialam is regulated in the Spiritual Department established since the 10th century during the reign of Tsarina Catherine the Great.

Islam is governed according to orthodoxy arrangements getting strong opposition from its conquerors. However, they are still sheltered in a large group led by two figures. Islam in this luat will also be considered a sect by the government.

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