Education Centers in the Prophet Muhammad’s Time

Islam may not have many adherents if its teachings are not disseminated. The process of spreading the teachings is carried out through da’wah in various channels such as trade, culture, politics, social.

Among the many pathways, education is the core line of Islamic preaching. In fact, The Prophet Muhammad emphasized the importance of education as an approach in da’wah.

When the Prophet spread the teachings of Islam, the method of da’wah used by the Great Prophet at that time was education. It is noted that there are several places that are used by the Prophet as a center of Islamic education.

First place of Education Centers

Darul Arqam which was founded in the third year of the Prophet preached. At that time, the number of Muslims was still small because da’wah was carried out in secret.

Darul Arqam’s location is a house located at the foot of Al Arqam bin Abil Arqam’s Shafa hill. This place was kept secret so that it was not known to the Pagans at that time.

The house became an educational center for several years. Then, the Prophet moved the education center after Umar ibn Khattab converted to Islam in the sixth year of Hijri.

Second place of Education Centers

The second place after Darul Arqam is the house of the Prophet (pbuh). This transfer was carried out after the threat from the Pagans subsided after Umar ibn Khattab converted to Islam.

The Islamic education center in the Prophet’s house attracted many people to convert to Islam. They studied the Qur’an and studied at the house of the Prophet, taught directly by the Messenger of Allah.

Third place of Education Centers

The next place was As Suffah, which was founded after the Prophet emigrated to Medina. As Suffah is a room in the Prophet’s Mosque that was built by the Prophet some time after arriving in Medina.

At that time, As Suffah was not only a center of education. This place is also a shelter, arguably a hostel, for the poor friends.

Islamic historian Dr Muhammad Mustafa Azami notes that As Suffah could be referred to as the first Islamic college. The number of students is about 400 people but always volatile.

Darul Qurra

Al Qurra is a form of jama from the word al-Qari. Linguistically it means the person who reads. These are the ones who teach the Recitation of the Qur’an.

Darul Qurra which was used as a place of Islamic education at the time of the Prophet Saw. was originally a house owned by Makhramah bin Naufal. However, there is no clarity, Darul Qurra is a dormitory for students who study the Quran or just a madrasah al Quran or both, madrasah as well as dormitories.


Al Kuttab is a mufrad (singular) form, the plural katatib, meaning place of study. At the time of the Prophet (s) known many kuttab. Usually this kuttab is used specifically for children’s learning such as Kindergarten or TPQ in this day and age.

As Abdullah ibn Masud claimed that he and Zaid ibn Tsabit learned as many as seventy surahs of the Quran in Kuttab directly from the Prophet (s) at that time, Zaid bin Tsabit his hair was still crested. And the crested child is a child.

Mosque is the Education Centers

In the early days of Islam in Medina, there were already nine mosques including the Prophet’s mosque. Mosques are in addition to prayer, generally also used for learning.

The House of Companions of the Prophet Saw.

In addition to the above places, the houses of the Companions of the Prophet (s) are also used as places of teaching and learning activities. When the Prophet (s) came to the guests from around Medina, they were placed in the house of the Companions. Besides staying, they also learned the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (s) from the owners of the house.

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Just like when the Prophet (s) received a group guest from Abdul Qais, they stayed in Medina for ten days. Abdullah al-Ashajj who became the chairman of the group stayed at the house of Ramlah binti Haris, during the stay he often asked the Prophet (s) about verses of the Quran and about Islamic laws.

while other guests staying at Anshar’s friends’ houses also learn from the sahaabah every night. Similarly, when a group of guests from the Ghamid tribe came to the Prophet (s), they studied the Quran at the house of Ubayy ibn Kaab.

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