Facts About a Flies in Islam

Flies are an animal that is considered disgusting even according to medical science flies are insects that carry many diseases and viruses. But, have you ever thought about the wisdom behind the creation of flies that are disgusting and considered despicable by humans?

But indeed, a fly is an insect whose name is mentioned in the Qur’an. In surah Al-Hajj verse 73. In this verse, God gives us all valuable lessons. Because Allah insinuates the Lord of the disbelievers who worship idols.

Flies Mentioned In The Quran

In this verse it is clearly mentioned that “… Surely all that you call upon except Allah cannot create a fly, even if they are united in creating it. Allah has brought a concise comparison but has a considerable influence on the disbelievers.

The pagans say that the carved statues of their hands are godly worshipers. But God answered all this by saying that their God could never create a single fly, even though they were united in creating it.

In fact, God also gives a parable if the idol is the god in power, then try to dispel flies that perep on the nose of the idol without anyone’s help. Then the idol will remain silent and be unable to do anything.

Flies in the Prophet’s Hadith

The Prophet said: “When a fly enters one of your drinks, then dip it, then lift it up and discard the fly because on one of its wings there is a disease and on the other wing there is a cure.” [HR. Bukhari, Ahmad, Abu Daud and Ibn Majah]

In terms of health, this hadith will probably invite controversy. Even orientalists have used this hadith as a weapon to attack Muslims.

Just imagine, flies whose daily life is in dirty and disgusting places and carries various kinds of germs and diseases, where is possible to bring drugs as described by the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Of course, there are many people who doubt this hadith, because it is not in accordance with the scientific facts that exist in this day and age. However, over time, it turned out that the hadith was uncontested.


Facts About a Flies in Islam
Facts About a Flies in Islam

The results of a long study of the world’s leading professors and researchers prove the truth of the hadith. Of course this at the same time refutes the accusations and accusations of those who doubt the hadith of the Prophet about the truth of the hadith.

The Miracle of Quran about Iron

Prof. Dr. Abdul Majid Az-Zindani, the lead researcher of the Study of the Qur’an and Sunnah, said that on the left wing of flies there are various kinds of deadly viruses. The researchers tried to kill the viruses conventionally but to no avail.

But when they inserted the right wing of the fly, they automatically noticed a significant change. And as a result, all the viruses carried by the left wing died and perished as a result of drugs carried by the right wing.

Some professors found the presence of special trace bodies on the bodies of flies. These micro organisms live under the layers of oil substances in the stomach of flies.

The bodies gather in cells until they break and the fragments occur when there is pressure, this pressure occurs when these flies are planted and the seeds secrete a very strong enzyme that is able to kill harmful viruses and bacteria.

While researchers from Australia found evidence that in the wings of flies there is a rephylin gene, which is a gene that can treat diseases in the arterial nerves and meina nerves.

The rephylin gene in the wings of flies can treat blockages that occur in both nerves. By putting flies in the water, the rephylin genes in the wings will be spread in the water until the water is clean again from the disease on the left wing.


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