Facts of the Color of Fire in the Hadith of the Prophet

We know that fire is an element that is very hot, fire is very useful for human life. Fire also has tremendous benefits for humans. Usually fire is used for cooking, boiling water, and other things that are beneficial to humans.

Scientifically, fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the process of chemical combustion, which produces heat, light, and various other chemical reactions.

Have you ever seen a fire? What is the color of the fire like? You’ve definitely seen different colors of fire. What we often encounter in everyday life may be blue and red only.

Research from scientists concluded that fire can change color if the temperature is raised.

This is very much in accordance with the Prophet’s hadith about fire as follows:

“Fire is raised for a thousand years until it turns red, then raised again for a thousand years until it turns white, then raised again for a thousand years until it blackens, and that is called jet black.” [HR. At-Tirmidhi]

Then how can the Prophet know that the fire will change color if the temperature is raised? In the time of the prophet, no one was able to wait.

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That is one of the truths of Muhammad’s words, which the Prophet might know if without guidance from Allah SWT.

Here are the facts about the colors of fire that you should know:

  • Red Fire

Red/yellow fires usually occur in temperatures less than 1000 degrees Celsius. This type of fire that we commonly encounter in everyday life. If it’s in the sun, this is the fire that’s in the coldest part of the sun.

  • White Fire

This is the hottest fire on earth. White flames usually occur when the temperature exceeds 2000 degrees Celsius, and this fire is a fire that is in the core of the sun and arises due to fusion reactions by the sun.

  • Black Fire

Black fire, we will not find it on earth. This fire is the hottest fire that exists only in hell. The Prophet even described that the fire in this world is seventy parts of the heat of hellfire.

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