How to Increase Faith in Allah

How to Increase Faith in Allah SWT

Muslims should also do various ways to increase and maintain faith in Allah SWT, the following:

1. Routinely Read the Quran to Increase Faith in Allah

The Qur’an is the main guideline to increase faith, because when we listen to the Qur’an alone will increase our faith, especially by reading it.

read quran
read quran

2. Avoiding Sin

One of the causes of the decline of faith is sin. Therefore, if we want our faith to continue to increase by abandoning sin.

In this world the temptation of sin is great, both from the temptations of the eyes, ears, mouth, and other limbs. That’s why we have to take care of him.

3. Gather with the Righteous

The quality of one’s faith can be seen from his close friends. Therefore it is very important for us to always be smart in choosing friends.

The quality of one’s religion can be seen from his close friends, so let us pay attention to who is friends.

4. Diligently Worship and Pray to Increase your Faith in Allah

Diligent worship and prayer is one way to improve the quality of one’s faith in God.

As a Muslim it is obligatory for us to perform five-time prayers and pray to Allah in order to strengthen our faith.

Pillars of Islam and Iman (Faith)

Prayer to strengthen our faith:

“Our Lord, do not incline our hearts after you have guided us, for you are the giver.” Qs. Al-Imran: 8).

“Our Lord, forgive our sins, and establish our foundation, and help us from the unbelievers.” Qs. Al-Imran: 147).

“O Allah, the One who leans his heart, inclines our hearts to obey you.” (HR. Muslim, no. 268).

Thus the wisdom of believing in God and how to increase our faith in Allah SWT. May Allah SWT always accompany our steps towards a strong faith.

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