Falsely Representing the Haram as Halal Is Prohibited

Falsely Representing the Haram as Halal Is Prohibited

Moslimdaily | Just as Islam has prohibited whatever leads toward the haram, it has also prohibited resorting to technical legalities in order to do what is haram by devious means and excuses inspired by Satan. It has reprimanded the Jews for resorting to such practices.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Do not do what the Jews did by (technically) legalizing Allah’s prohibitions by flimsy excuses.”

This is a reference to the fact that Allah had prohibited the Jews to hunt on the Sabbath (Saturday). To evade this prohibition, they would dig ditches
on Friday so that the fish would fall into them on Saturday, to be caught on Sunday.

Those who resort to rationalizations and excuses to justify their actions consider such practices to be permissible, but the jurists of Islam consider them haram, since Allah’s purpose was to prevent them from hunting on the Sabbath, whether by direct or indirect means Calling a haram thing by a name other than its own or changing its form while retaining its essence is devious tactic, since obviously a change of name or of form is of no consequence as long as the thing and its essence remain unchangeable.

Thus, when some people invent new terms in order to deal in usury or to consume alcohol, the sin of dealing in usury and drinking remains. As we read in the collections of hadiths,

“A group of my nation will make intoxicants halal by giving them other names”

“A time will come when people will devour riba, calling it “trade”,

And among the strange phenomena of our time is that people term obscene dance “art,” liquor “spirits,” and riba “interest”.


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