Al Khawarizmi : The First Muslim scientist to find ‘0’ number

The First Scientist To Trigger ZeroEs

Al Khawarizmi relied on his language skills to study mathematics. The scientist was born around 780 and later spent his days in the Baghdad area. At that time Al-Khawarizmi was a teaching staff for the Honorary School founded at the time baghdad was led by Caliph Al Ma’mun.

In addition to teaching, Al Khawarizmi was also given the task of leading the Khalifah’s library. Indeed, at that time, the public did not know what patents are, so Al Khawarizmi could not patent his inventions in mathematics.

But even without it all, this Middle Eastern man’s contribution is well known among western scientists from his writings.

According to Belgian-American historian and chemist G. Sarton, Al Khawarizmi has proven that the highest achievements in science were achieved by middle easterners.

Al Khawarizmi : The First Muslim
Al Khawarizmi : The First Muslim

This Middle Eastern scientist was originally known for various theories of algorithms, arithmetic and algebra. Although at that time algebra was still using Arabic numerals.

The term algebra itself comes from the title of al Khawarizmi’s book Al-Jabr wa al-Muqobalah. He is also able to explain in full as well as formulate trigonometric tables.

The scientist also wrote a book entitled al-Jam’a wa-l-tafrīq bi-ḥisāb al-Hind or in Latin meaning Algorithm de Numero Indorum. It is a point of development of science and mathematics written using a decimal number system.

Al Khawarizmi was later also known as the originator of the number 0, a number notation that could not stand in front except in decimal numbers. In the past, people only knew the numbers 1-9 until finally Al Khawarizmi appeared with the number 0 symbolized in the form of empty space.

0 is what then paves the way for the concept of writing negative and positive forms in algebra. Just imagine if at that time the Muslim scientist did not come up with the idea of genius ‘0’,

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How can we write down the numbers of tens, thousands, even billions now?

Muhammad ibn Musa Al Khawarizmi does seem to have not only meritorious in the field of mathematics and science, but also for the Islamic society of the Middle East.

Without Al Khawarizmi’s intelligent thinking, perhaps at that time the people of the world looked in the eyes of the Middle Eastern nation. Al Khawarizmi has also indirectly made the name of Islam more fragrant in the world of science


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