Five Disasters Due to Eating Haram Money

Haram Money | Worldly temptations make man incapable of complacency. The lack of sense makes a person dare to do unappreciative actions, including doing ways that are not halal.

But do not be happy first, because it is often obtained treasures in a way that is haram to cause disaster. From the loss of the blessings of wealth, to the torment of the Fire

1. Loss of Blessings in Wealth if you eat haram

The first disaster that will happen because of the habit of often eating from illicit money is the loss of blessings in the property owned. When in fact having a blessing treasure is one of the specialties given by Allah SWT. The blessed treasure will bring good in this world and the Hereafter.

Meanwhile, taking property that is not in accordance with the teachings of Islam, whether by usury, corruption or crime makes the property will not reach its blessing. Allah SWT will even revoke the blessings for the property in which there is usury.

2. Lazy Worship

The second disaster that will be obtained by the person who often uses haram money is that his heart will be shrouded in darkness and lazy to worship. The more treasures are eaten, the darker the heart of the human heart.

3. The Obstruction of Prayer in God

Haram treasures will also make prayers offered to Allah SWT become hindered. In a hadith, the Apostle explained about a traveler who continues to pray to God.

It was a time when it was a mustajab to ask God for anything. But it turns out that the prayer offered by the traveler was rejected by God because he ate illicit property

4. Rejection of Alms if you eat haram

Charity is a recommended practice in Islam. But if the alms are done using unlawful property, then it becomes a waste.

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5. Torture in Hell if you eat haram

The disaster that will happen from eating from the last haram money is certainly the torment in hell. The information is obtained from the explanation of the Prophet (s) through the hadith of tirmidhi which reads “Every flesh that grows from the haram then hell is more appropriate to touch it” (HR Tirmidhi and instigated).

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