Five Sunnah of the Prophet When Dressed

Clothing becomes a reflection of one’s self in life. What is worn is considered an expression of the soul. In Islam, clothing has a high position because it can cover the awrah and guard it.

In fact, it gets rewarded if you follow the sunnah dressed taught by the Prophet (s). Daily activities are always worth worship if done by following His rules. And this is what the Apostle exemplified so that we get blessings for the routine that is done.

Including for dress business. The five sunnah that are often done by the Prophet (pbuh) should be practiced. Surely it would be a good thing if this last Prophet always did that. What are the Sunnah? Here’s the information.

Dress In White its sunnah

The first Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) in the first dress is to dress that has a white color. White clothing is considered better than other clothes. However, the Prophet (pbuh) also never forbade his people to wear other colored clothing.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Wear white clothing, because it is the best garment” (Shahih al-Jami’).

Dress like Prophet robe (Clothes Brackets)

Not only wearing white clothes, the Prophet (pbuh) also recommend his people to dress in robes. Thats is, clothes that directly cover the entire body. This is in accordance with this hadith, “The shirt that the Prophet (pbuh) favors is a robe,” (Shahih al-Jami’).

The right one first in Each Situation its sunnah

In addition to clothing, there is also the attitude of the Messenger of Allah in dress that is to put the right in every circumstance. ‘Aisha ra said, “The Messenger of Allaah always put the right in every job, such as in purifying, walking, and wearing sandals,” (HR Muttafaq ‘Alaih).

Reading Prayer (du’a) Every Time You Wear a New Dress

Clothes are one of the forms of sustenance bestowed by Allah SWT. Therefore, if we buy a new shirt, then wear it then read the prayer so that it becomes more blessed.

Here he prayed, “O God, to You all praise, You have given me this garment. I ask You for his goodness and the good that he has created, and I seek refuge in You from his evil and the evil that has been created for him,” (Saheeh al-Jami’).

Scientific Miracles of Siwak in the Sunnah Prophet

Pray for Those Who Wear New Clothes its sunnah

The Prophet PBUH not only encourages his people to recite prayers when wearing new ones. However, the Prophet PBUH also encouraged his ummah to pray for those who wear new clothes.

Um Khalid RA said that the Prophet PBUH once received a gift of clothes with pictures of black, he said, “Which one of you wants to wear this shirt?” the people silently, and rasul said, “Call Ummu Khalid here!”

So I was brought to the Prophet, and I put them on me with his own hands. He said, “May you live long until this shirt is broken and worn.” The Prophet asked for it twice. (HR. Al-Bukhari).

Such is the information on the five sunnahs of the Prophet PBUH when dressed. As Muslims, we must always follow the apostle’s instructions.

In addition to obtaining a reward, the encouragement will certainly have a good impact on our lives in the world.

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