Five tips by Prophet to controls Anger

All human beings must have experienced angry emotions. Some overflow it with speech, but others through action. Not infrequently anger leads to brutal acts even leading to death.

That is why the Prophet (pbuh) ordered his people to restrain their anger. The Apostle even mentioned that the most powerful people are not a warrior or a wrestler, but those who are able to control themselves when they are angry.

But restraining anger is not easy. A person is unable to think clearly when experiencing this condition. But calm down, because the Messenger of God teaches us special tips to control angry emotions. What are rasul’s tips like? Here’s the review.

When angry man tends not to think about what problems will arise from his actions. This is the condition that satan favors most. Because when experiencing feelings of anger man is instigated to commit brutal acts to satisfy his anger

1. Reading Ta’awwudz to controls Anger

Five tips by Prophet to controls Anger
Five tips by Prophet to controls Anger

When hearing or seeing conditions that provoke anger, do not immediately rush to take action to approach the target. It is better to shut up for a moment and then read Ta’awwudz A’udzu billah minasy syaithaanir rajim.

The Apostle said, anger is originally from Satan, if we experience such conditions then seek god’s protection from the temptations of the accursed Satan.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “What an anger that includes the deeds of satan…” (Narrated by Abu Dawood)

2. Doing Wudu to controls Anger

controls Anger
controls Anger

The way that the Prophet (pbuh) also taught is wudu. According to the Apostle the kamarahan felt from the devil created from fire, so that he should be extinguished with water.

“Indeed, anger is satanic, and it was created from fire. The fire can only be extinguished with water. Therefore, if any of you is angry, let him do wudoo’ (Hr. Abu Dawood)

The wudu will keep his wudu and try not to do actions that damage wudoo’ including anger. Water that washes the skin is also able to cause a feeling of calm so that emotions return to stable.

3. Change Position

In a hadith it says, “If you are angry then sit down, if you do not lose it too then sleep.” (HR. Abu Dawood).

4. Keep Silent

Keep Silent
Keep Silent

In a hadith it says, “Teach (others), make it easy, do not complicate matters, if you are angry then be quiet.” (HR. Ahmad).

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5. Prostrate


It means the mininal sunnah prayer of two rak’ahs. In a hadith it says “Know that angry is the embers in the hearts of men. Do you not see the redness of his eyes and the strain of blood veins around his neck? So whoever gets it, let him stick his cheeks to the ground.” (HR. Tirmidhi).

Many negative things arise when we valiantly vent the emotions if you get angry. That is why the Prophet (pbuh) does not like his people who like to be grumpy and can not control his emotions.

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