Friday (jum’ah) is the Specials day for Muslims

A Very Good Day

Friday (jum’ah in arabic) is the best day of any day. As mentioned from Abu Hurayrah Radhiyallahu ‘anhu from the Prophet Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Salam, “The best day that the sun rises on him (the day of the day) is Friday, (because) on this day Adam was created, today Adam was put into paradise and removed from it, and there will not come the Day of Resurrection except on Friday.” (Muslim)

Day to Worship Friday Prayers

For Muslims, today is a day for Jumah prayers. The opportunity to pray this jum’ah is a blessing. Imagine, anyone who steps in for Friday prayers, will be rewarded and fasting a year.

This is as stated in a hadith, “Whoever bathes and performs ablution on jum’ah, then he hastens and rushes (to prayer), then he draws near to the imam and is silent, then for him at every step of the foot he steps (there is a reward) fasting and praying a year, and this is something that is easy for Allah.” (Ahmad and Ashhabus Sunnan, narrated by Ibn Khuzaimah).

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The Day On Which Prayer Is Worshipped

In addition to jum’ah prayers, today is a good time to pray to Allah. In every prayer, we want our prayers and prayers to be heard, right?

Pray on Friday. Today is one of the most mustajab times to pray. Where our prayers will be heard and granted by Allah SWT.

Friday is The Best Day to Give Alms

jum’ah alms, jum’ah barakah. So, give it up on Friday. If we do charity on this day, it is the same as charity when the month of Ramadan arrives. That’s better than the other months.

Even with a blessing on Friday. In addition to giving alms on the best day, it will also be rewarded with a greater reward. However, continue to do almsgiving sincerely and sincerely to our brothers in need. Charity and charity are not just material. Smiling and doing other good deeds is also almsgiving.

Friday is the Day of Sin Erasure

Friday is the day when many sins will be forgiven. This is also one of the benefits of jum’ah prayers that were established.

As stated in a hadith, “It is not a servant bathing on Fridays and purifying as well as holiness, then he oiled his hair or covered with perfume, then he came out (perform Friday prayers) and did not separate between two people (who sat), then he prayed what was required of him and he was silent when the Imam preached, but all his sins will be forgiven between this jum’ah and the other jum’ah.” (Bukhari).

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