Greatest Friday Prayers of Muslims in Constantinople

Long before the inauguration of Hagia Shopia as a mosque used for worship, Muslims also shocked the world through the largest mass Friday prayer when besieging Constantinople.

At that time, the highest command and imam of prayer was held by Mehmet II or known as Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih.

Besiege Constantinople with the forces of tens of thousands of troops

The incident happened on Friday. A time that has its own impression for Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih and Muslims. In his Book, historian Roger Crowley explains that Friday was deliberately chosen to add sanctity when conducting a full-force invasion of Constantinople.

The grandest Friday prayer up to 4 kilometers

Before conquering Constantinople, tens of thousands of Muslim soldiers held simultaneous Friday prayer.

Because it is done in the middle of the road to Constantinople, pilgrims who stretch up to 4 kilometers in length are calculated from Marmara Beach to the Golden Horn Strait (golden horn) in the north.

The service itself was held right in front of the fortress of Constantinople which is only 1.5 kilometers away from the line of worshipers.

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Destruction of constantinople’s known formidable imperial fortifications

Although it was difficult in the early days of the attack due to the formidable defense of constantinople’s Christian forces, their strength collapsed also after the main wall was successfully destroyed with the giant cannon of The Great Cannon of Muhammad II.

As many as 80,000 Muslim troops advanced against eight thousand Christian soldiers under the control of Constantine XI in April 1453, who finally surrendered and were defeated.

Successfully capture Constantinople from the hands of King Constantine XI

On May 29, 1453, Constantinople finally fell to the Muslims with the assassination of Constantine XI as the 57th Byzantine Emperor. From there the forerunner of Istanbul began to be born.

In addition to changing the history of human civilization, the fall of the capital of the Byzantine Empire marked the long end of the Crusades that took place since 1096.

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