Halal Food Options in Europe, from London to Amsterdam

Countries in Europe are one of the favorite destinations for world tourists. The problem is to find halal food in countries such as The United Kingdom, France, Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands is not an easy thing.

Agoda’s travel platform summarizes restaurants that provide halal food in five major European capitals. In addition, there are also recommendations for city tours that can be done around restaurants.

1. London, England (Halal Food Options in Europe)

London is not only famous for its art and galleries, but also its famous and historic tourist sites, such as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

With more than a million Muslims living in London, it could be the most Muslim-friendly city in Europe.

Halal food can be found on almost every street corner and from every part of the Muslim world, including Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, and African cuisines.

Restaurant options include Liman Restaurant, famous for its Arabic cuisine, Stax Diner on Carnaby Street, which offers American-style halal burgers and waffles, and Pie Republic to try out halal versions of the famous British pie.

2. Vienna, Austria (Halal Food Options in Europe)

Vienna is considered one of the most liveable cities in the world. With a legacy of classical music that has lasted for hundreds of years, Vienna offers a wide variety of attractions and activities for the whole family.

There are many beautiful gardens, the oldest zoo in the world, the best shopping places, classical concerts, charming mosques, as well as a selection of delicious halal food ranging from casual dining to fine dining.

Consider Turkis Oriental Food and Daily Imbiss as halal food dining venues in Vienna.

3. Rome, Italy

The city is famous for its ancient artifacts and historical monuments that are hundreds of years old. Rome is worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

From the stunning Colosseum to The Roman Forum, from the Trevi Fountain to the Vatican Museum, there’s charming architecture and art everywhere.

Rome also offers a wide variety of halal restaurants or foods that do not contain pork. Because culinary in Italy is very varied, especially in terms of ingredients.

Don’t forget delicious snacks like the famous Italian gelato! Visit a halal gelato shop that fully uses natural ingredients, frigidarium, to enjoy a variety of gelato flavors.

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4. Paris, France

As home to the Eiffel Tower, Paris is the perfect location to spend vacation time with family or friends.

There’s so much to see, enjoy, and taste. Explore the charming streets, visit museums like the Louvre or Sacre-Ceour Basilica known for its stunning architecture, and discover the most delicious pastry pastries.

Paris has an established Muslim community so it’s no surprise that the city offers more than 100 halal restaurants, ranging from sumptuous dishes to simple take-aways.

Two very friendly halal restaurants worth visiting are Kashmir House which serves delicious Pakistani cuisine, and Sizin for tasting Turkish dishes.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands (Halal Food Options in Europe)

Amsterdam is the best city for walking, biking, and boating along the canals. The city is a blend of historic buildings and contemporary architecture.

Amsterdam is also home to a large Muslim community, considering Islam is the second religion in the country so finding a halal place to eat is easy.

Grillroom Shoarma and Bazaar Amsterdam offer a wide selection of delicious halal food. Tourist activities that can be done in Amsterdam ranging from walking the canal by boat at night to visiting the Van Gogh Museum.

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