What Is The Halal Concept In Islam ?

Halal means ‘allowed’ in Arabic. The word describes anything that is allowed under Islamic law.
Although it is most commonly used to describe food and beverages, halal can refer to objects or activities. Then, Islam refers to what is not permitted as haraam.

What are some foods and drinks that are not allowed?

The Quran prohibits Muslims from consuming pork, blood, and carrion. The Quran as a holy book of Muslims also prohibits Muslims from eating animals that died from being strangled, beaten, or fell. In addition, Islam forbids its people from eating animals sacrificed at the altar.

Animal meat must be slaughtered in the name of Allah SWT. So, animals that are killed without mentioning the name of Allah SWT, are forbidden to be consumed.

Intoxicating things, such as alcohol are also not allowed. In addition, cosmetics, medicines, and health products should also be free of illicit substances.

What plants and animals can Muslims eat?

Muslims can eat crops, fruits, vegetables, and grains that do not contain toxic substances or narcotics. Any bird can be eaten, except birds of prey and bird carcasses. However, other flying creatures, such as bats, are inedible.

Halal animals are allowed, such as cows, sheep, goats, camels, deer, antelopes, and rabbits. Although Islam does not prohibit the consumption of horses, mules, or donkeys, eating them offends other faiths.

Muslims are not allowed to eat the flesh of fanged or fanged animals. Muslims can consume scaly marine animals. All sea creatures to be consumed, must be alive when taken from the water.

Muslims are not allowed to eat reptiles. They are forbidden to eat insects, except locusts.

Is halal food healthier?

Preparing food using halal methods is said to be healthier. Because the blood released from the animal’s body contains harmful bacteria and toxins. that way the meat tastes better, more tender, and fresher for longer.

What does halal mean?

It has become fitrah and desire every human being to eat & drink for survival. In the Islamic view, food is considered an influential factor in the development of both the body and the spiritual of a person.

Therefore, there are rules and demands ranging from the necessity to consume drinks and halal food, the rules of the content/amount of food consumed, to the ethics of eating & drinking itself.

Many people are less concerned with what he consumes. As long as it is delicious, delicious, and the price is affordable directly devoured. But as a Muslim, there are other things to note, namely the matter of halal and thayyib.

Food that thayyib (good) must be a healthy body. Its affects one’s faith and spiritual qualities.

Halal food criteria:

  • By Substance

Halal food is a substance that is the basic ingredient of the food itself before being processed halal consumed. For example bread made from wheat flour, yeast, eggs, salt where everything is halal.

The types of halal food are adjusted to those listed in the hadith &al Quran.

  • By How to Process It

The next halal category is how the food/drink is processed. Make sure as long as the raw materials of the processed food are not contained illicit elements such as pork, alcohol, blood, and so on.

Also, pay attention to the cooking utensils used, do not stick to the ingredients that are not halal.

  • By How to Obtain It

Halal way of obtaining it, meaning food is obtained in a good way instead of vanity. Not the result of stealing, robbing, deceiving, corruption, or harming others. This is certainly against Islamic law.

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