5 Haram Foods And Drinks For Muslim

Islamic teachings strictly regulate the status of haram and halal food consumed. There are some haram foods that Muslims should avoid, such as carcasses and pork.

The rules concerning haram and halal food are recorded in the Qur’an. there are at least 5 types of food and beverages that should not be consumed by Muslims at all.

Of course there is a reason behind the ban on the consumption of these foods and beverages. Science tests even prove that food that is forbidden to Muslims actually has a bad impact on health. These are 5 haram foods and drinks that should not be consumed by Muslims

1. Carcass

5 Haram Foods And Drinks
Haram Meat

The first food forbidden is carrion. The prohibition on eating carrion is written in the Qur’an surah Al Maidah verse 3.

A carcass is any animal that dies without the slaughter prescribed in Islam. Examples are animals that die in a suffocating state, animals that die from being hit and so on

If this animal is found alive, then slaughtered in a shar’i way, then it becomes lawful.

But there are two carcasses that are excluded from the prohibition, meaning that the carcass is halal, namely fish carcasses and locust carcasses.

2. Blood, Muslim Do Not Consume

5 Haram Foods And Drinks
Haram Foods And Drinks

Islam also forbids its people to consume blood. The blood here is the blood of animals that are deliberately consumed.

In Islamic teachings, blood is haram and unclean. Blood flowing at the time of slaughter belongs to the haram category. If the blood is separate then the ruling is haram.

But if mixed or still attached to the meat then it can be eaten because it is impossible to separate. This blood does not apply to the liver and spleen because these two organs fall into the halal category.

3. Pork Its Haram For Muslim

5 Haram Foods And Drinks
Muslims doesnt eat pork

The utilization of pigs is very wide as in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries because of its economic value. In fact, behind the prohibition of pigs, there are many benefits for humans.

The prohibition of pigs is not only on the meat but includes skin, hair, bones, fat, and other limbs. If observed from its lifestyle, pigs include animals that usually consume their own feces and other unclean objects.

Consumption of pork in any form, be it pork chops, bacon, or ham has a harmful effect on the body. Therefore pigs are haram food for Muslims.Pigs host many kinds of parasites and dangerous diseases that cause helminthic diseases. Pigs only secrete 2% of their entire uric acid content and 98% are still stored in the body.

4. Animals slaughtered not in the name of God, Its Haram Food

5 Haram Foods And Drinks
haram food

as mentioned in (QS. Al-An’am: 121) that from this surah it is clearly not permissible for a Muslim to eat the slaughter of the polytheists, magi or apostates.

As for the slaughter of the People of the Book, it is permissible to eat it as long as it is not known if it mentions a name other than Allah. The basis of this is the word of Allah in surah Al Maidah verse 5.

5. Haram Drink : wine and Alcoholic

5 Haram Foods And Drinks
Haram drink

One of the drinks that is forbidden to be consumed for Muslims is khamr which is a drink that can be intoxicating. As for the evidence of his haram in the Qur’an surah Al Maidah verses 90-91.

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