Haram Mean In Islam and Sharia Law

What is the meaning of haram in Islam and Sharia Law ?

Haraam is forbidden to do it. Haram is one form of taklifi law, which is discussed specifically by the scholars of ushul fiqh.

According to the scholars of fiqh ushul, there are two definitions of haram, namely in terms of boundaries and essence, and in terms of form and nature.

1. In terms of boundaries and essence,

Imam al Ghazali formulated haraam with something that is required shari’a (Allah SWT and His Messenger) to be abandoned through the demands of certainty and binding.

2. in terms of shape and nature

Imam al-Baidawi, the shafi’i fiqh figure, formulated that it is haraam to do so because there is an act that is reseded

there are two divisions of haraam. If the haraam is related to the essence of deeds, then it is called haraam li zatih (haram because of its substance).

And when it comes to something that is outside the essence that is forbidden, but in the form of mafsadat-an, then it is called haram li gairih (haram for others).

More clearly, haraam li zatih is a haraam that since semuka determined syar’i that it is haraam.

For example, eating carrion, pigs, drinking alcohol, adultery, killing and eating the property of orphans.

Haram in the above is forbidden to the substance (essence) of the work itself.

And it is haraam for mankind, and it is haraam for mankind.

For example, praying with stolen clothes

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