Healthy Food Mentioned in The Quran

Healthy food mentioned in the Quran

Quran Mentioned The Healthy Food ? Islam regulates every joint of muslim life. Starting from the way of worship to the question of food, Islam gives the best instructions.

When choosing food, in addition to halal, we are also required to eat good food. as Allah swt said in sura Al-Baqarah verses 172-173:

In this case, the guidance is in the Quran. There it is mentioned about some types of healthy foods that are good for human consumption. Here’s the review:

1. Meat and fish

meat in quran
meat in quran

The reference is given in Quran Sura An Nahl verse 5 and Q.S. Fatir verse 12:

“And cattle, He has created them for you, where there is warmth and much benefit, and from them you eat.” (Q.S. An Nahl [16]: 5)

“And of them both (fresh water and salt water) you eat fresh meat (fish).” (Q.S. Fatir [35]:12)

As is known, meat has the required fat content and fish has a high protein content. Both are good nutritional intake for human health.

2. Milk Mention In Quran

milk in quran
milk in quran

This white drink is mentioned in the Quran, one of which is in Q.S. An Nahl verse 66:

“And verily in the cattle there is a lesson for you. We give you a drink of what is in their stomach, from between excretion and blood, whole milk, delicious to eat by drinkers. “(Q.S. An Nahl [16]:66)

The benefits of milk, of course, all already know it. Milk is very good for maintaining health and good also for bone growth.

3. Fruits and vegetables

fruits in quran
fruits in quran

In the Quran there are also several kinds of fruits. The most commonly mentioned are grapes and dates. Allah says in Q.S. An Nahl verse 67:

“And from the palms and grapes, you desire good liquor and provisions.” (Q.S. An Nahl [16]:67)

12 fruits mentioned in the Quran

4. Honey In Quran


Honey has diverse benefits. This is already hinted at the Qur’an. Allah says in Q.S. An Nahl verse 69:

“And thy Lord inspired the bee, saying, ‘Take hives in the mountains, in the trees, and in what they build.’ Then eat of every fruit, and follow the path of your Lord which has been made easy.

From the bellies of the bees comes a drink of various colors, in which there is a healing remedy for mankind. Surely in that is a sign for a people who reflect.” (Q.S. An Nahl [16]:69).

Similar to the verse above, modern medical science mentions that honey contains elements of glucose and perfentous in large portions, which is a kind of sugar substance that is very easy to digest.

Glucose is very useful for the healing of various types of diseases through injection or by oral intermediation that serves as an amplifier.

In addition, honey also has a fairly high content of vitamins, especially B-complex vitamins. The benefits are enormous for human health.

Good food will greatly affect human health and life. Thus the food intake can support human activities both in work and worship to Allah SWT


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