TOP 6 Benefits of Wearing Hijab

Benefits of Hijab for Muslim Women in Life

1. The Main Function of Hijab For Muslim Women Is To Cover Aurat

As is known, if the woman does have many parts of the body that must be covered, ranging from the head, to the toe.
Except with muhrimnya or husband who is allowed to see body parts that should be closed.

2. Preventing Direct Exposure to Sunlight

Please note, if exposed to direct sunlight can interfere with the health of the scalp. It could be skin cancer. Therefore, hijab also serves to protect the head of the ukhti from the sun.

3. Maintaining Healthy Hair

There is a term that states, if hair is a crown for women. As much as possible, women in any part of the world look after and take care of their hair.

However, it is not only sunlight that is the enemy for women, but pollution, dust, and dirt that can damage the beauty of hair. Furthermore, the function of this hijab is also very useful to protect the hair and scalp of women.

4. Prevent Being Seduced by Bad Men

Like two candies that are closed and open from the wrapper, there will surely be more insects or ants approaching the unprotected candy. Similar to women, many men feel reluctant and reluctant to seduce women who close their awrahs.

5. Preventing Skin Cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases that cause some cells of the body to change in nature. Skin cancers are tumors that form due to chaos in cells caused by irradiation, chemical substances, and so on.

Research shows skin cancer is usually caused by Ultra Violet (UV) rays shining on the face, neck, hands, and feet. This cancer affects many white people, because whites are more sunburnt.

Cancer does not discriminate between men and women. It’s just that women have lower endurance than men. Therefore, women are more prone to diseases, especially skin cancer.

Therefore, the way to protect the body from skin cancer is to cover the skin. One of them is wearing a hijab. Because by wearing a hijab, we protect our skin from UV rays.

Protect the body not by wearing a slang veil and tight clothes. Why? Because it’s useless. Because UV rays can still penetrate tight clothing let alone transparent clothes. Hijab here must be in accordance with the criteria of the hijab.

6. Slows Down the Symptoms of Aging

Aging is a natural process that is definitely experienced by everyone, namely the slow process of growth and division of cells in the body. Symptoms of aging include whitening hair, wrinkled skin, and others.

The main cause of aging symptoms is sunlight. Sunlight is important for the formation of vitamin D which plays an important role in skin health. However, it can be scientifically explained that sunlight stimulates melanocytes (melanin cells) to secrete melanin, resulting in damaged collagen and elastin tissues.

Collagen and elastin tissues play an important role in maintaining the beauty and suppleness of the skin. Skin protection creams are also not able to protect the skin completely from the sun. So it is recommended to protect the body with a headscarf.

Hijab is an obligation for every Muslim. And the hijab also has benefits. It turns out that not only bring benefits ukhrawi but also many worldly benefits. Hijab not only maintains the faith and piety of the wearer, but also makes the skin protected from cancer and the aging process.

It turns out that the hijab not only brings benefits ukhrawi but also many worldly benefits. Hijab not only maintains the faith and piety of the wearer, but also makes the skin protected from cancer and the aging process.


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